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Edmonton has a wealth of historic references including an 1846 fort and streets from 1885, 1905 and 1920 inside Fort Edmonton Park. It is also full of cultural landmarks such as the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Royal Alberta Museum.

If you are looking to move to this contemporary haven of culture then Quality Move Management Inc should be your first port of call. 


Quality Move Management is the leading international moving company in Edmonton, serving both commercial consumers and families across Canada and Stony Plain in particular. 

Whether you are planning big or small moves in Stony Plain, QMM movers have the expertise to transport your belongings using our stress-free and simple service. 


As one of the primary local moving companies in Stony Plain, we ensure our clients are well looked after, making the whole process easy. A Stony Plain mover will visit your property to present you with a detailed moving quote and so you know exactly your Edmonton moving day will entail. 

Our services cover residential, commercial and international move so no matter the scope or scale we will be able to help. Our menu of services include:

  • Professional, uniformed staff
  • Full-service packing
  • Appliance assembly & disassembly
  • Crating of fine art & antiques
  • Allied International Agent
  • Government approved
  • Quality packing materials
  • Short & long-term storage

A QMM representative will answer any queries throughout the process and even after your last box has been unloaded, your dedicated agent will check in on you to make sure you are fully satisfied with our house movers services.


When most people begin the packing process, they are usually hurried and do not really think about the task at hand. Packing is not difficult and when done correctly can make unpacking in your new home much more exciting and easy. When you begin packing, you first need to make sure you have sturdy boxes in the correct sizes to pack your belongings. Professional Edmonton moving companies, like ours, can provide you with the sturdiest and most reliable moving boxes for your needs.

As you begin packing, make sure you pack like items together. On the outside of each box, you should place a label with what room the items belong in as well as the contents inside. If any items are made of glass or need to be handled carefully, you should label the box as fragile. This will alert our Stony Plain movers to take extra care in moving the box and making sure it is protected.

One of the most helpful tasks you can complete when packing is to have an essentials box that is labelled “unpack first”. This box can contain items like a change of clothes, soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper and other essentials you may need right away. Many Stony Plane residential movers recommend this moving tip to their customers because the process of moving can be overwhelming and having these essentials in one easy to find place can make a huge difference.


After many years in the industry, QMM has grown to become one of Allied Van Lines largest moving companies in Edmonton, and the partnership gives us access to the world’s greatest network of moving experts. 

Whether you are moving internationally from Edmonton or just around the corner, we make sure removals arrive on time and within budget, we even help you complete any necessary paperwork.

If you are in need of professional house movers in Stony Plain, contact us at 866-880-8681. For more information on how we can help you through the moving process feel free to complete our online contact form. 

The Areas We Cover Within Stony Plain

Nicknamed “The Town with the Painted Past,” countless walls in the town of Stony Plain are embellished with painted murals that represent historic events and important figures, adding a bit of culture on every corner. There are many arts & culture events taking place each year in Stony Plain, including a celebration of Farmers Day with a parade, Great White North Triathlon, Country Music Festival and the Country Music Festival just to name a few.

Some of the areas we serve in Stony Plain are;

  • Forest Green
  • Lake Westerra
  • Meridian Cove
  • Silverstone
  • St. Andrews
  • Sun Meadows
  • Sunrise Village
  • Willow Park

Why choose QMM for Stony Plain moves?

  • Award winning moving personnel
  • 90% Customer Approval Rating
  • Customer-centric processes
  • Reliable estimates
  • The latest trucks & equipment
  • Enhanced property protection
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