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By Quality Move Management Inc / May 23, 2019

If we were to ask you “what is the greatest city in the world?” most answers tend to involve one, or a combination of, glaringly obvious choices such as New York, London, Paris or Sydney. But we are here to convince you that the most magnificent city in the world is a little slice of heaven right here in Canada; Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver is a vision of supernatural beauty, it is an outdoor haven, and modern-day metropolis rolled into one, and the city is a melting pot of international cultures and religions.

The city's constant evolution sees it consistently ranked top in the world for Quality of Life and Liveability, but if you need convincing further, here are ten reasons why QMM thinks Vancouver is the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD:

Sink your toes in the sand of Canada's most beautiful beaches

A somewhat unsuspecting fact to most people, but Vancouver is jam-packed with stunning beaches - nine in fact! For summer days sunbathing, playing sports and swimming in the sea, to spring strolls and autumnal adventures, Vancouver has the perfect beach to suit any mood, activity or season. 

Kitsilano Beach is possibly the most famous beach in Vancouver, frequented with sun-worshipers, volleyball fanatics, tennis players and loungers. There is also an outdoor salt-water pool if the sea isn't your thing.

You will very rarely experience a blisteringly freezing winter - by Canada's standards

Vancouver has some of the mildest year-round temperatures and weather conditions in the country; this includes winter, too! So if you don't fancy -30°as a standard winters day, Vancouver should be a city for you to consider strongly. 

We're don't claim that Vancouver is warm all year round. In the depths of winter, the mercury will occasionally drop to -10°, but that's almost suncream weather compared to the national winter average.

With that said, the temperature rarely drops below freezing, snow isn't a common occurrence, and the delights of spring haze and summer sunshine are a given -where do we sign up?

Why wouldn't you want to live in one of the 'World's Best Cities'?

Vancouver frequently ranks near the top of global 'best cities' studies by Mercer's, The Economist, Telegraph Travel readers and PwC. The studies consider essential lifestyle factors such as healthcare, crime rate and safety, recreation, educational facilities, transportation, environment and infrastructure. Out of all the countries in the world, Vancouver is regularly awarded a prized position in the TOP FIVE!

Vancouver has bragging rights to an eco-friendly environment

In a time when being environmentally conscious is at the forefront of everybody's mind, a city striving to decrease its carbon footprint holds great appeal; few are putting in as much effort as Vancouver.

Vancouver has committed to paving the way when it comes to urban sustainability, which is why they have pledged and consistently work towards a "Greenest City Action Plan." The plan outlines the cities hope to become the 'Greenest' city in the world, and details all of the policies and actions they plan to put in place to execute the project successfully. 

Vancouver's cumulative passion for food is apparent

Vancouver, without a shadow of a doubt, has the best cuisine in the country regardless of your dietary requirements. Meat-eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans are spoiled for choice with world-class dining establishments ready to serve up an explosive taste sensation.

The city is notorious for its fresh seafood, with ample opportunity to taste the FRESHEST salmon, oysters, mussels and halibut. On the contrary, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you are not limited to one or two decent restaurants like in many cities. Your limitless options leave you stuck in the age-old "where should we eat?" debate. 

...much like the city's love of hops - beer, anybody?

Craft beer is becoming a whole culture in its own right in Vancouver. Microbreweries are popping up across the city, and independent breweries are becoming the watering hole of choice amongst locals, dominating over the chains that once reigned supreme in years passed.  

Festival season in Vancouver is no messing around! How are you supposed to choose?

If festivals are the epitome of entertainment for you, you won't find a more fulfiling summer than that in Vancouver. A celebration, event, festival, exhibition or gathering of some variety is hosted almost every single weekend in Vancouver. From music festivals, film festivals, food fares, Pride parades, light shows and family celebrations, there is a festivity to satisfy all preferences throughout all four seasons!

The crime rate is one of the lowest in the country for a major city

We're not here to say Vancouver has zero crime, but in terms of major cities, Vancouver's crime rate is relatively low. The number of shootings is one of the lowest in the country and crimes that are committed tend to be theft-related. A high percentage of residents of the city claimed they felt extremely safe when walking around the city alone, even at night time!

You don't have to choose between nature and city-life… enjoy them both!

Vancouver offers the best of both worlds when it comes to urban living and nature. The city has perfected the balance of bustling city-life, combined with sanctuaries of pure serenity and calm. The cosmopolitan has ample shopping centres, restaurants, bars and night clubs, encompassed by juxtaposed landscapes of beach expanses, mountain ranges and rolling green land.

Vancouver is also home to Stanley Park, one of North America's largest urban parks. But, if you prefer something more demure, the city has countless other trails, hiking routes and parks sprinkled throughout the city.

The words 'I'm bored' will never need to leave your mouth… 

Lively and spirited are two words that spring to mind when thinking about Vancouver. Regardless of the season, month or time of day, there are always ways to keep yourself busy and socialising in this fantastic city you will call home. From annual events previously mentioned, to museums, restaurants, clubs, gardens, galleries, there is ALWAYS a way to keep yourself amused regardless of your age, gender and interests. 


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