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By Quality Move Management Inc / November 21, 2018

Calgary is a city of beauty, resilience and optimism. As one of Alberta’s major cities, Calgary is awash with a booming business scene, spirited nightlight and a willingness to accommodate residents regardless of age, race, and religion; just some of the reasons why individuals move to Calgary year after year.

Calgary’s positive and poised population are the driving force behind the continual development of their precious city, a development that consequently makes Calgary one of the greatest and liveliest cities in the world.

Although the true list is as long as our arms, here are just TEN reasons why you should consider a move to Calgary Alberta.

The City Has an Affinity for the Great Outdoors

Being passionate about living an outdoor lifestyle and having a penchant for nature is in the blood of Calgarian’s, or so you would be led to believe. Calgary’s population is brimming with energy and one that actively seeks out any opportunity to spend time outside, exploring and wandering. But in a city so beautiful and meticulously tailored to living life outdoors, is it any surprise?

Calgary’s parks, natural areas and urban communities are interlinked by an expansive network of pathways, 850 kilometres of pathways to be precise. Whether your ideal method of manoeuvring around the city’s greener areas is via bike, walking, running, skating, the multiuse pathways navigate you around Calgary on the scenic route. The pathways are such a huge part of daily life; they even have their own rules of the road.

Banff is within one hour and a half drive and one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges, The Rockies, can be reached in under an hour, so you can hike, camp and winter-sport to your hearts delight.

Live Your Healthiest Life

Calgary has been voted the “Cleanest City in the World” on more than one instance. The Mercer study, carried out in 2014, crowed Calgary as the cleanest city based on five factors: waste removal, sewage system quality, traffic congestion, air pollution and the availability and drinkability of its water.

Hefty fines of $500 - $1000 are in place for so much as throwing a cigarette butt on the floor or throwing rubbish out of a car window and by 2020, Calgary aims to deflect 80% of the city’s litter away from landfill sites; looking after the wider globe.

A clean city with healthy air pollution, traffic congestion and sewage systems goes a long way for personal health of the city’s population. But should you find yourself ill, healthcare is totally free in Calgary – you don’t even have to pay a monthly premium.

Calgarian's Love to Socialise, Party and Throw an Epic Festival

Very few countries in the world throw a festival quite like Calgary, let alone another city. Almost one hundred festivals take place in this one tiny corner of Alberta every single year. Come summer, spring, fall and winter, festivities consume the streets of Calgary – no weather can dampen the spirits of Calgarian’s.  

Regardless of your hobbies, interests or beliefs, there is a festival to celebrate just about anything in Calgary, from food and wine, film and music to sports and arts, religion, charity, comedy and just about everything else you can think of, no matter how niche, weird and wonderful.

A few notable mentions go out to Calgary Winterfest, Fourth Street Lilac Festival, Calgary Canada Day, Calgary Fringe Festival, Pride Calgary and the king of all kings, the ultimate, one and only Calgary Stampede.

The Calgary Stampede is a ten day bonanza that originated as an exhibition in 1886, and has since morphed into the festival that we all know and love today. The Stampede attracts over one million attendee’s each year, where they will get stuck into the immersive festival enjoying rodeos, markets, music, food, parades and more.  

Fun in a Family-Focused Community

Calgary has a strong focus on turning the city into the best version of itself for the sake of families old and young. Although the city is perfect for all age and social groups, Calgary is particularly focused on the fun, enjoyment and development of family life in the city and if you are an active family, there is an almost endless list of things to do in Calgary that are suited to children of all ages.

Not only this, Calgary has some of the best educational and healthcare facilities in the country and was once ranked as Canada’s top place to live and raise a family by MoneySense magazine.

...But Don't Run Away Just Yet if you’re Part of The Fun-Loving Youth

Calgary has one of Canada’s youngest populations, with the average age of the Calgary population coming in at 36.4! Not only is the population one of the youngest, but it is also one of the most educated populations out of all of Canada’s major cities. The young population means an energetic vibe running through Calgary’s business, social and educational scenes and many youth-targeted businesses and initiatives are constantly cropping up throughout the city.

Sales Taxes? ...What Are They?

Low taxes, sales tax especially, are one of the greatest benefits to residents of Calgary. Calgary and the wider Alberta province have the country’s lowest personal and corporate tax in the country, serving a huge financial favour to any inhabitants of the city. In Alberta, the tax rate is set at 10% regardless of personal income and there is NO provincial sales tax in Calgary and the rest of the Alberta province. So if you are a shopping fanatic, this will be extra rewarding for you!

Kiss Goodbye to Chaotic Congested Commutes

The TomTom Traffic Index collated traffic data from the 176 busiest cities in the world and created a ranking of the most congested cities, 1 being the most congested and 176 being the least. Calgary ranked 122nd on the list, rendering it one of the least congested busy cities in the world, and the least congested out of all of Canada’s major cities.

Thanks to an efficient public transport system, systematic cycle pathways and safe streets to walk, Calgary’s population manage to keep road congestion to a minimum, meaning those who choose to or need to commute to work via car, get to do so with minimal traffic disruption.

Calgary Is Consistently Striving and Thriving

Calgary doesn’t settle with ‘great.’

The city of Calgary has continually expanded and advanced since the dawn of its existence, and the government and investors are always seeking ways to improve its amenities, services, outdoor areas and living spaces for both its residents and visitors. Some of the current Planning and Development projects within the city include bringing Solar Power to the city, construction of the Calgary Cancer Centre, the redevelopment of Fort Calgary and the City Centre Urban Design Guidelines project to name a small few.

Eat ‘til Your Hearts Content

In keeping with the progression and the forward motion of the wider city, the restaurant and bar scene is another trick up Calgary’s sleeve. Whether your palette screams for fine dining, pub grub, or exotic dishes from around the world, Calgary’s dining scene covers all bases.

The restaurant and bar scene is one that keeps growing and improving with every year, and another great thing – locals support locals!

Calgary’s community bond is a force to be reckoned with and this is more evident than ever in the city’s restaurant, coffee, bar scene. Independent eateries and cafés are commonly favoured over big chains in the city, as Calgarian’s love to see their neighbours doing well. But whether it is clothing, jewellery, home ware or cosmetics, the city loves to stay local!


Take the Outdoors Indoor Indoors, Outdoor?

Plus 15 Skywalk is an elevated skywalk system in Calgary, using sheltered footbridges to connect buildings in Downtown Calgary. Aptly named for the fact most bridges are raised 15 foot above ground level, the footbridges are perfect for shielding against torrential downpours and bitter winter temperatures, allowing you to manoeuvre your way around downtown Calgary without having to go outside so you can stay dry, warm and safe!

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