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10 Tips for Moving with Children

By Quality Move Management Inc / June 25, 2018

You finally decided to take the promotion and relocate with your loved ones. As a couple, you’re celebrating the occasion knowing that this move is a defining moment in your career. It’s an opportunity to start fresh and make a home in a new location that’s perfect for your family. Now it’s time to talk to the kids! How will they react when you tell them they’ll have to leave their school, friends and the home they’ve lived in their whole lives?

Relocating your family can be exciting but stressful for everyone. Check out these tips to while you’re planning to move with your children.  

  • Preparing your kids for a move

Make sure you talk to them about the upcoming transition. Involve your kids in the decision-making process so that they understand why you need to move. Communicate with your children about the move and take their feelings seriously.

  • Listen to your kids

You may find that they’re resisting change. It is important to listen to your kids’ concerns about the big transition. If possible, try to accommodate any requests they might have. Show them pictures of their new home and town so they become familiar with the new surroundings.

  • Time the move

Timing your move can be difficult. There are many factors that come into play when you’re planning to finalize moving dates. Try to move when there are no transitions in your kids’ lives, such as completing the school year or other anticipated milestones.

  • Have kids help you pack

If your kids are old enough, they can help by packing their belongings. Delay packing the toy box if you have a toddler. You should have access to their favourite toys throughout the move. You can even pack a special travel bag of favourite toys that your kids can bring along with them while moving.

  • Keeps your kid entertained

This is very important, especially, when you’re stuck in the daunting task of purging and packing. Packing requires focus. Take your kids to the park or go to a movie. Supply them with some crayons, stickers and labels so they can decorate their boxes.

Label each box specifically. You can also hire professional movers with a full packing service.

  • Make move memories

Mark the occasion! Take photos of your kids while they are packing their belongings and create your favourite move memories. Ask them to create memory boards by posting photos of their favourite people and places. Place memory boards in their rooms in the new house.

  • Make it an adventure

Moving to a new home is exciting! Share this excitement with your kids. Tell them about the new opportunities that are just around the corner. For instance, are there skiing, hiking, fishing or other fun adventures waiting for them?

  • Have a goodbye party

This will give them a chance to meet with friends and family who are important to them. Kids love parties and this will help them to cope with the upcoming transition.

  • Organize a moving sale

It’s not easy to get rid of those items that you no longer want to carry with you. Many items are expensive enough to be kept but not worthy of a move. Organizing a moving sale is the sure-fire solution. As a bonus, your kids will be happy to participate and purge some of their stuff as well!

  • Remain patient

It is important to be patient and consistently focus on your tasks. Moving is challenging with many considerations and plans to make. Answering your kids’ questions and accommodating their requests take extra time but is well worth it. Give yourself ample time to plan a smooth and carefree move that every family member will enjoy.

  • Bonus Tip

Once you’ve settled in your new home, why not ask your kids to send a postcard to their friends and family with a photo of their new home? They’ll be happy to stay in touch and show off their new home.  

We hope these tips will help you plan a smooth move.  Remember, moving is an adventure. Kids will miss their friends but will be excited to make new ones too.  


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