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Where Are The Best Places To Live In Calgary For Families

By Quality Move Management Inc / February 26, 2024

Moving to Calgary offers a range of options for those seeking the perfect place to call home, but when you are moving with family, there are several factors to consider. With its diverse neighbourhoods and family-friendly communities, the bustling city of Calgary has something for every type of family, from urban adventurers to nature lovers. Choosing the right neighbourhood is a crucial decision for families looking for a fulfilling new start. In this guide, we’ll explore the best places to live in Calgary for families, taking into account the safest areas, recreational opportunities and the best schools in Calgary.

Is Calgary a Good Place to Live?

Calgary is widely regarded as a great place to live, with its strong economy, diverse cultures and proximity to stunning natural wonders like the Canadian Rockies. The city consistently ranks well in global liveability indexes which demonstrates its safety, cleanliness and overall appeal as a popular city. With a welcoming community, excellent education opportunities and a thriving employment market, living in Calgary is an attractive destination for families looking for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Best Areas to Live in Calgary for Nature-Loving Families

When considering the best neighborhoods in Calgary for families, you’ll need to think about your collective lifestyle preferences. If you and your family enjoy the great outdoors and being around nature, there are a few communities that will suit your way of life perfectly. 

First up is Arbour Lake, situated in the northwest quadrant of Calgary. As the name suggests, this neighbourhood has a lake right in the heart of the community and is ideal for year-round activities. Whether you’re swimming and fishing in the summer or ice skating in the winter, adventurous families will enjoy life in Arbour Lake. With its diverse housing options, family-friendly community programmes and proximity to the Downtown area (just a short 20-minute drive away), this neighbourhood is a gem for active families.


If the smell of fresh mountain air is what you’re looking for, then moving to Springbank Hill may be the right choice for you and your family. Located near the western city limit, in the southwest quadrant this quiet community offers top-rated schools and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains while being conveniently near to Downtown Calgary. Springbank Hill is a large, diverse and quite affluent suburb that attracts many families looking for a village feel and a slower pace of life with open spaces for plenty of nature watching.

If kayaking and paddleboarding sound appealing then moving to Bowness might be ideal for your family. Located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary, Bowness is bordered by the Bow River and is a great destination for adventure seekers. As the home of one of Calgary’s most popular green spaces, Bowness Park, moving to the area means you can access the park and enjoy ice skating on the lagoon in winter or picnicking by the river in the summer.

The Best Calgary Suburbs for Families

If having the best of both worlds sounds appealing, Calgary has many suburbs that allow you to distance yourself from the buzz of the city while being close enough to an array of amenities. 


Nestled in the southwest of Calgary, Signal Hill is an attractive suburb for families seeking a peaceful yet well-connected lifestyle. Loved for its elevated location, residents enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the majestic Rockies. Signal Hill offers a diverse array of housing options, from single-family homes to townhouses, accommodating families of various sizes. With well-respected schools, a choice of parks, and convenient access to shopping areas like Westhills Towne Centre, Signal Hill provides a family-friendly atmosphere while maintaining proximity to downtown Calgary for added convenience.


Auburn Bay is a great choice for families in search of a suburban oasis with a touch of lakeside charm. Situated in the southeast and centred around a stunning 43-acre freshwater lake, Auburn Bay offers a unique blend of outdoor recreation and community engagement. In summer, families can enjoy sandy beaches, paddleboarding, and skating in the winter months. With a selection of schools, parks, and a vibrant community centre hosting events throughout the year, Auburn Bay creates a welcoming environment where families can embrace a true suburban lifestyle in a picturesque setting. 

Where Are The Safest Areas In Calgary?

If you’re considering moving to a new location with family, safety is paramount. With a reputation for being the 3rd most livable city in the world, Calgary is also considered a safe place to relocate with family. When it comes to safety in Calgary, several neighbourhoods consistently stand out. Areas such as Signal Hill, Tuscany, and Bridlewood are often considered among the safest in the city, with a reputation for low crime rates and a strong sense of community vigilance. These neighbourhoods prioritise community togetherness through active community watch programs, well-maintained public spaces, and a commitment to creating a secure living environment for residents. Some other candidates for the title of the safest neighbourhoods include:


West Springs

Aspen Woods

Springbank Hill

Elbow Park

Where Are The Best Schools In Calgary?

A guide highlighting the best areas to live in Calgary for families wouldn’t be complete without mentioning where to find the best schools. Over 240 public schools are overseen by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) which caters to children from kindergarten through to grade 12. Calgary schools are renowned for their top-rated standards of education, providing students with a strong academic foundation. 

The schools under the CBE are organised into areas in Calgary meaning every child will have a designated school according to where they live. Here are just a few of the best neighborhoods in Calgary with schools in the CBE areas:

  • CBE Area 1 – Tuscany, Silver Springs, Parkdale
  • CBE Area 2 –  Coventry Hills, Panorama Hills,  Kincora
  • CBE Area 3 – Albert Park-Radisson Heights, Penbrooke Meadows, Dover 
  • CBE Area 4 – Altadore, South Calgary, Strathcona Park
  • CBE Area 5 – Bayview, Chaparral, Lake Bonavista


If you’re looking for a faith-based education for your children, the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) is the largest Catholic school district in Alberta. The CCSD has 117 schools that extend across areas surrounding Calgary including Cochrane and Airdrie.

Tips For Families Relocating To Calgary

Moving the family to a new city can be challenging but there are a few ways you can make the settling-in period easier for everyone.


Engage with the Community: Connect with local community associations and attend events to meet fellow residents. Engaging with the community early on can help your family integrate smoothly and build a support network.


Understand the Weather: Get acquainted with Calgary's climate, which can be diverse and sometimes unpredictable. Be prepared for winter conditions and ensure your family has the appropriate clothing and gear.


Explore Family Activities in Calgary: The city offers a plethora of family-friendly activities, from exploring the Calgary Zoo to enjoying outdoor spaces like Prince's Island Park. Familiarise yourself with local attractions to make the most of your family's leisure time.


Utilise School Resources: If you have school-aged children, connect with school resources and get involved in the education community. Attend parent-teacher meetings, join parent councils, and ensure a smooth transition for your children into their new academic environment.


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