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Where Are The Best Places to Live in England?

By Quality Move Management Inc / February 27, 2024

Moving to England from Canada is an exciting journey packed with new opportunities. When it comes to finding great places to live in England, it's essential to make sure your chosen destination matches what you're looking for. England boasts diverse cities and regions, each offering its own unique lifestyle. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best places to live in England, catering to various stages of life and personal preferences. Let's dive in and discover where you belong!

Why Move to England?

Moving to England means embracing a culturally rich environment, diverse cities, and top-notch educational opportunities. England offers a myriad of reasons that make it an enticing destination for Canadians to relocate to. English is widely spoken, as you’d expect, which makes communication easier and creates a welcoming environment for anyone looking to immerse themselves into the local culture, build relationships, and navigate various aspects of life conveniently.

The National Health Service (NHS), similar to Medicare, ensures comprehensive healthcare which is a reassuring advantage for anyone immigrating to England from Canada. When it comes to finding jobs in England for foreigners, the country's global connectivity provides employment prospects in various sectors, particularly in bustling hubs like London, Birmingham and Manchester. Securing the right UK work visa before travelling simplifies the process of working in England and makes it easier to seek out employment opportunities.

Culinary adventures, a vibrant sporting culture, and a welcoming social scene add to the multifaceted appeal of England. Whether you're seeking historic charm, career growth, or natural beauty, England caters to diverse preferences, promising an exciting and enriching experience for those ready to make it their home.

Where Are The Best Places To Live In England For Families?

Families who plan on moving from Canada to England will discover diverse communities that perfectly blend charm, safety, and amenities to create ideal havens for families. From historic towns to vibrant cities, many cities promise not just a home but a thriving environment for your loved ones to grow and flourish.


Nestled in the county of Oxfordshire, the city of Oxford is a beacon of family-friendly living, seamlessly blending historical charm with a vibrant academic atmosphere. Known for its prestigious university, the city offers a unique environment for families seeking a rich cultural experience and educational opportunities for their children. Oxford boasts excellent schools and a network of family-oriented communities. The choice of parks like University Parks and South Park provides ample space for outdoor activities, while family-friendly events and festivals add a lively touch to the community spirit. The city's efficient public transport system and proximity to the Cotswolds further enhance its appeal, making it a practical yet charming choice for families looking to settle.


Nestled along the banks of the River Mersey, Liverpool stands as a vibrant and family-friendly city that goes beyond its musical history. Aside from the iconic Beatles legacy, Liverpool offers a warm and welcoming environment for families to call home. The city's affordability, coupled with a plethora of family-oriented amenities, makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a lively yet comfortable lifestyle.

The city's commitment to education is evident through its excellent schools and universities, providing diverse opportunities for children's growth. Institutions like the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University and Liverpool John Moores University all offer programmes for international students making it an ideal place to continue their studies. Family-friendly neighbourhoods like Allerton and Childwall offer a range of housing options, ensuring that families can find the perfect fit for their needs. The city's numerous parks, including the Grade One listed Sefton Park and Calderstones Park, provide expansive green spaces for recreational activities and community gatherings.

Some more popular places to live in England for families include:





St. Albans

Sutton Coldfield


Where Is The Best Place To Live In England For Retirees?

When it's time to ask the question "Where is the best place to retire?", those looking to move to England will be pleased to know that many of England's charming locations are perfectly tailored for retirees. From historic towns exuding tranquillity to scenic landscapes offering peaceful abodes, retirement living in England has a lot to offer.


Bath is a tranquil haven that seamlessly blends history, natural beauty, and a relaxed pace of life making it an ideal retreat for retirees. Renowned for its Roman-built baths and stunning Georgian architecture, the city offers a picturesque backdrop for those seeking a serene and culturally rich retirement. Retirees in Bath can enjoy the city's therapeutic Thermae Bath Spa, lush green parks like Royal Victoria Park, and meandering strolls along the River Avon. With a range of retirement-friendly housing options, including charming cottages and apartments, Bath caters to the diverse preferences of retirees. The city's well-connected public transport system and proximity to Bristol and the picturesque Cotswolds make moving to this city a practical option whether you are looking for a quiet life or something more exciting.


Located just 55 miles north of Bath in the county of Gloucester, the town of Cheltenham stands as a haven that beckons retirees with its Regency architecture, expansive green spaces, and cultural sophistication. This charming spa town, renowned for its annual festivals like the jazz festival, the literature festival and the Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup, offers a perfect blend of tranquillity and cultural vibrancy, creating an ideal setting for those seeking a retirement retreat that is never dull. Retirees in Cheltenham can indulge in leisurely strolls through the elegant Montpellier Gardens, unwind in the town's historic spas, and immerse themselves in the arts at the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum.

Housing options in Cheltenham cater to the diverse preferences of retirees, from quaint cottages to modern apartments to retirement villages for those 60 and over. The town's thriving cultural scene, combined with its abundance of independent shops and cafes, ensures that retirement becomes a journey enriched with culture, natural beauty, and a leisurely pace of life.

Some other popular places to retire in England include:








Where Are The Best Places To Live In England For Young Adults?

Although London may stand out as one of the best cities in England for young people, this country has many other areas vying for the top spot. From dynamic urban hubs to cultural meccas, England has a vibrant tapestry of cities and towns, each pulsating with energy and opportunities tailored for the younger generation. Each location offers a unique blend of career prospects, social scenes, and cultural richness, creating the perfect backdrop for young adults.


Known for its down-to-earth atmosphere and an emerging creative community, Nottingham stands out as a top choice for young professionals. The city offers a lively nightlife, diverse career opportunities, and a vibrant environment that caters to the energetic spirit of Gen Z. Home to the renowned University of Nottingham, the city thrives as an education and innovation hub with a vibrant student community.

Nottingham's allure lies not just in its vibrant atmosphere but also in its diverse job market. The city offers a plethora of career opportunities across various industries, with organisations to support those seeking employment, fostering an environment of innovation and professional growth. When it comes to entertainment, the city's nightlife pulsates with energy, offering a myriad of entertainment options, from trendy bars to live music venues. The bustling streets are adorned with street art and eclectic cafes, perfect for socialising and getting to know the community. Nottingham's appeal is further enhanced by its affordability and excellent connectivity. The city provides a range of housing options that cater to the budget-conscious young professional, ensuring a balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness.


In the heart of England, located in the Midlands, Coventry offers a unique fusion of affordability and career prospects for young professionals. Home to Coventry University, the presence of a vibrant student community makes the area even more inviting for young adults. The city's diverse employment landscape, complemented by budget-friendly housing choices, creates a nurturing environment for those venturing out into the wide world for the first time. Coventry's cultural scene is diverse, from art exhibitions to live performances, offering young professionals a range of leisure options. The city’s strategic location in the West Midlands makes it an excellent base for exploration. With efficient transport links, including a well-connected railway station, locations like Birmingham, Dudley and Litchfield are a short journey away.

Other popular places to live in England for young adults include:


Brighton and Hove





Moving to England from Canada

Making an international move takes a lot of planning and you’ll need the support of an experienced international moving company to help navigate the finer details. At QMM, we have coordinated countless relocations and have supported many families, retirees and young adults to move to England. Our services include international shipping and storage as well as specialist packing and crating services for fragile items. To help you start your journey to a new start, we compiled a guide to moving to the UK where you can find visa and travel information, additionally, you can contact our team online.

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