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Celebrating 25 Years of Premium Moving with Quality Move Management

By Quality Move Management Inc / July 20, 2021

From humble beginnings to a cross-country corporation, Quality Move Management Inc. is proud to be celebrating 25 years in business this year. With this milestone, we are looking back at where we started and recalling all of the years of dedication and hard work that have brought us to where we are now. Our mission is to ease the load, and it is evident through our quality customer service that we have proven our place within the long-distance moving industry. 


A Promising Start

Quality Move Management originally opened in 1996 in Kelowna, BC. The founder came from a family of movers and started QMM aiming to become the first dedicated corporate mover in Canada. Within a year, QMM was making moves and relocated to Vancouver. Would you believe that QMM’s first official office was in a high-rise in Vancouver’s downtown core? Our President and COO Tim Nager often recalls having to run paperwork down numerous flights of stairs to the movers headed out to our customers' residences. This is the location where we became an agent for Allied Van Lines, and where we began our international moving business, relocating corporate clients and private transferees around the globe. 

We remained in downtown Vancouver until 2000, when our Vancouver office relocated to our location in Delta, BC on Annacis Island. This location provided the opportunity to expand into the moving & storage space, offering storage in transit to our customers. Over the next few years, QMM decided to expand to the Prairies, opening our office in Calgary in 2004, followed by our Edmonton location in 2010. Having these three sites in such proximity to one another (at least as far as Canada is concerned!) allowed us the ability to use our resources communally, creating a sense of comradeship amongst our drivers, crew and staff members that crossed geographical boundaries. 


Our First Owned Location

In 2013 we took the next step as a business and moved our Vancouver office to our current space, our first owned location. We were able to custom design the office space to suit our growing needs, and our warehouse was quick to fill with our clients’ household goods. This location remains our head office today, housing our entire finance team and a large portion of our customer service team. 

QMM experienced a change in ownership during 2014. The management team at that time became the shareholders and to this day serve as members of our Leadership Team. This shift offered an opportunity for our business to focus on what we wanted to accomplish, and three short years later, QMM opened our office in Toronto. By expanding our reach across Canada, our ability to service moves throughout North America has grown exponentially, allowing us to provide an even smoother moving experience to our customers. 


Looking to the Future

Over the last few years, we have seen incredible growth in our company, and the accolades we have collected reaffirm that we are on the right track to asserting ourselves as one of the best movers. In 2019, we were named Allied Van Lines’ Agent of the Year. This was an incredible honour, as we were the first Canadian agent to receive this title; we knew the competition was stiff as we were up against 300 Allied agents, which made our success that much sweeter! 

At the end of 2020, we received recognition as the Canadian Allied Agent of the Year, a title that we had previously been bestowed in both 2011 and 2013. This came at the end of a challenging year for all businesses with the COVID-19 pandemic taking place. Our company's ability to thrive in the face of adversity is what made this award so meaningful to our entire team. 


As we reflect upon our last 25 years in business, we are grateful to our corporate clients and private transferees for their continued support throughout the years. It is through these customer relationships that we have been able to continue to do what we do best: deliver quality moves. 

25 years, 103 million pounds, 445 million miles, and we’re just getting started. 


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