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A Message to our Customers about COVID-19

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 18, 2020

Quality Move Management (QMM) has been monitoring the developments regarding COVID-19 and we have compiled information regarding our service and recommended best practices. The well-being of our customers, employees and our network is always at the centre of our decision-making.

What You Can Expect – Our Policy

We are committed to serving you without disruption. Our team continues to be fully functional whether working remotely or from our offices. Our clients can rest assured there will be no disruption in service and response times. We will continue to assess the situation and keep you informed as new information becomes available. QMM ensures quality in all aspects of business and in the current circumstances; this is at the utmost importance while ensuring the safety of all parties. QMM expects all employees and our network to follow guidelines as published by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Practical Tips for Shipments

We encourage a no-physical contact approach when greeting customers, clients and colleagues. In general, it is also advised to maintain a wide area of personal space between individuals; any close quarters interaction is not recommended. As there is currently little information pertaining to the transmission of COVID-19 via personal objects, we are recommending the use of hand sanitizers (when traditional handwashing is unavailable) multiple times throughout the handling of a shipment, and at the beginning and end of the day. Crew are also to be provided gloves to minimize contact. We wish to raise customers’ awareness of the potential of carrying COVID-19 by considering the following questions prior to our employees entering a customer’s residence:

  • Have you or anyone in the household travelled out of the country in the past 14 days?

  • Is anyone in the household sick or have symptoms as described for acute respiratory illness?

  • Have you or anyone in the household tested positive or under a self-imposed quarantine?

  • Do you have disinfectant and hand soap or hand sanitizers available? Or do we need to provide?

  • Will there be designated space for us to wash frequently?

Minimizing COVID-19 Exposure

In each location, we have implemented the following protocol to ensure that the potential risk to all is minimized. The following measures are currently in place:

  • Minimize all non-essential travel;

  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of offices, daily;

  • Crew are to wear protective masks and gloves when handling shipments from high-impact areas

  • Surveys will be completed virtually only

  • Respect the client’s decision if they deny entry to their home/premises or refuse to engage

Business Continuity Plan

QMM has a Business Continuity Plan that ensures that we, as an organization, are able to work together and take a pro-active approach to ensure everyone’s safety. QMM management is remaining vigilant of any updates regarding COVID-19 and is prepared to make changes are necessary to ensure the health and safety of all parties.

Anti-Discrimination Considerations

Even in the midst of the worries that COVID-19 maybe become more widespread, we have a responsibility to treat our customers fairly. We will not engage in conduct that would constitute discrimination to any degree.

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