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Cross-Border Moving to Canada? Here are our 4 Most Popular Provinces!

By Quality Move Management Inc / February 28, 2019

The notion of migrating to Canada from the US is a common dream for many people, whether it’s to live, work, or retire, moving to Canada is becoming a popular choice for dreamers all over the world. Whether your sights are set on The Great White North for its scenery, culture or our overtly friendly locals, to turn your dream into a reality, you must make the all-important decision of where you want to live in Canada. 

There are ten provinces in Canada or 'Canadian States,' and each of them offers something unique: Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Each province of Canada has its own set of distinct characteristics with its appeal. 

The top four most popular of these Canadian provinces for migrants moving to Canada from the US are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Quebec. Before relocating to Canada, why not browse this guide to the best provinces in Canada? Perhaps you’ll find your perfect new home.

Moving to Ontario

Situated in east-central Canada, Ontario is home to Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, as well as Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Ontario is the most popular province by far in terms of Canada immigration. The main reason for its popularity with newcomers to Canada is it’s unusually large and boosted economy, which results in one of the biggest job markets in the country. Whether you specialize in the arts, tourism, finance, technology, or science, you’ll be sure to find a job for you if you choose Ontario when you migrate to Canada. The good news for those considering relocating to Ontario is that this province actively encourages new arrivals – they increased their allotment of economic immigrants to 6,600 in 2018! With such a large immigrant population, you’ll find it easy to settle into one of Ontario’s many friendly expat communities. Ontario is also home to some of Canada’s most well-known attractions, including the spectacular Niagara Falls! Though it is part of what’s called ‘Atlantic Canada’ (usually known for radical climate change), the weather in Ontario is generally relatively stable all year round, with mainly sunny and mild summers.

Moving to British Columbia

As Canada’s most western province, British Columbia is defined by its dramatic mountain ranges, glacier parks, and Pacific coastline. In terms of business and employment, British Columbia leads Canada in start-up and entrepreneurial activity. If you’re considering emigrating to Canada to start up your own business, it looks like this is the province for you, especially if you happen to be a successful Start-Up Visa applicant. Similar to Ontario, BC’s immigrant population is large and very welcoming. British Columbia is popular with many Canada expats and tourists due to being home to Vancouver, a city that boasts a fantastic arts and culture scene with many social programs. British Columbia also boasts the most temperate climate of all Canada provinces, with warm summers and a beautiful spring that first blooms far earlier in the year than across the rest of Canada (late March/early April.)  With the Rockies in the East and Pacific Ocean beaches in the West, there are plenty of incredible destinations to visit in your spare time – including ski resorts, national parks, scenic lakes, valleys, and islands.

Moving to Alberta

Alberta is a western Canadian province known for being picturesque. The leading industries in this province are energy, forestry, and agriculture. Alberta is an economic powerhouse, with the energy and oil movement creating a massive amount of new jobs every year. Two trendy and appealing destinations for newcomers in Alberta are Calgary (the largest city in the province) and Edmonton (Alberta’s capital city). The number of immigrants moving to Alberta is increasing rapidly, with many great emigration avenues opening in recent years, with one example being the Federal Skilled Trades Program. If you’d like to spend a lot of your free time admiring beautiful landscapes, you can’t go wrong with relocating to Alberta. This province is famous for beautiful natural attractions, including Lake Louise and Moraine Lake (Banff National Park), Athabasca Falls, Maligne Canyon, and Icefields Parkway. Though Alberta enjoys warm, dry summers, winters are particularly harsh and cold, with heavy snowfall and temperatures that occasionally drop as low as -40°C!

Moving to Quebec

Situated to the east of Ontario, Quebec is Canada’s only province to have a predominantly French-speaking population (French is the official provincial language!) Tourism and design are very successful industries in Quebec (especially in Montreal – labelled Canada’s Cultural Capital), as are aerospace and air transport industries, mining and forestry. Quebec is also one of the world’s leaders when it comes to hydroelectric power. All of these industries generate millions for Canada’s economy, meaning that they employ plenty of workers, including thousands of immigrants. Immigrating to Quebec is a little different from migrating to another Canadian location – it is necessary to note that Quebec’s immigration programs have different requirements from the main federal government programs in the rest of the country. Though speaking French would benefit those searching for employment in Quebec, it isn’t a necessity – there are opportunities for speakers of all languages. Quebec is a reasonably affordable choice for many looking to emigrate to Canada, as the cost of living in Quebec tends to be lower than in other Canadian provinces. Southern Quebec (by far the most densely populated area) has a continental climate, with relatively stable weather and mild summers. Further north, Quebec does experience subarctic and tundra (icy) weather conditions, but for this reason, the majority of the country is very sparsely populated. Top tourist attractions in Quebec include the Place Royale (Québec City), Old Montréal, Forillon National Park, and the Îles de la Madeleine (an archipelago of idyllic islands).

If you’re considering moving to Canada, whether that’s to Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, or any other Canadian province, you are going to need an international removal company to send your possessions overseas safely and efficiently. That’s where we can help – at QMM we’ve been assisting people to relocate to Canada for over 35 years. Contact us today for helpful, professional and reliable international removals from the USA to Canada. 

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