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Family Moving Tips

By Quality Move Management Inc / August 5, 2022

If you are planning on moving home with your family, whether you are moving locally as a family or moving with your children across Canada and beyond, there are a few ways to make the trip easier. From family packing tips to choosing the right moving company for your family, here are our top tips for moving as a family in Canada.

Top Family Moving Tips

Moving home is a big change in your life and can be even bigger for younger members of your family or older relatives. At QMM, we have years of experience helping families move home and have pulled together a few ideas for our top family moving tips.

How to Prepare Your Family for a Move

When it comes to moving as a family, preparation is everything. Whilst we can’t promise that moving with your children will be a breeze, there are a few ways to plan ahead to help make it a less stressful experience.


  1. Talk to your children to prepare them early for the move, they may not react the way you expect so make sure to give them plenty of time to digest what you are saying and ask any questions they may have.

  2. Make time to say goodbye to your current home and any friends they may have if you are moving out of the neighbourhood.

  3. Take some time to look around new schools and family facilities close to your new home. Research the area and find out a bit more about where you will be living, perhaps visit the area if possible with your family to get a feel for the place. Take the kids to see their new home if possible so they know what to expect from the move.

  4. Declutter your home. Moving home is the perfect time to declutter your home from things such as old papers and toys that have been collecting dust. Decluttering well in advance of your move will allow time to really go through your family’s belongings and decide on what you need to keep and what can be disposed of or re-homed. This can save both time and money during your move.


Tips for the Family Moving Process

During the moving process itself, there are a few ways to make the process smoother. One way to make moving home with children easier is to pack a separate case with the things that are most important to your child. This could be a favourite outfit, favourite toy or other comfort item to avoid tantrums when you get hit with a pile of boxes on the other end of your move. Packing an essentials box with things such as colouring books, changes of clothes, school books and other key items is an important way to keep things calm when it comes to family moving.


Sometimes one of the best things to do when moving as a family is to let the kids get involved by giving them their own special tasks. This should be something big enough to keep them occupied but also manageable so that they feel they have contributed something to the move. Some fun tasks might include letting them choose how their new room will be decorated or personalising the labels for their own moving boxes.


If you are only moving locally, one option may be to leave your children at a close friend or relative’s for a night or two whilst you are undergoing the move to allow you to focus fully on getting your belongings from A to B during the move. This will allow you to pack up, move and unpack some of your belongings before introducing your children to their new home. 


Moving With Teenagers

Moving home can be a big thing for anyone. However, for teenagers, it can often feel like they are being uprooted from their lives, especially if your family is moving far away. It is important to get your teens involved at every stage of the move to make sure they feel like they have some control over the situation. Older children are more aware of their surroundings and invested in their way of life so giving them a bit of control over what will be happening with it is important. Get them to look up some cool things they can do in your new town and make sure they are involved in decisions such as which schools they will go to and how they will decorate their new room. Moving with teens can either be a success or a stressful experience, how you plan for and handle the move can make all the difference.


Moving Home With Elderly Relatives

If you are moving home as part of a multi-generational family setup, it is important to make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect. Particularly if some furniture or belongings will need to be left behind, it is important to allow your elderly relative as much control as possible over the move to ensure they feel completely comfortable and confident with the move. Taking a few, key, sentimental items can make all the difference in making the move a pleasant one. 


Find a Moving Company That Cares

At QMM, we have been moving families for a number of years and care about making the experience stress-free for you and your family. Whether you are moving family across the country or moving locally, our fully-trained staff can take care of every aspect of your family move and ensure everything gets from A to B safely and in no time at all.


To find out more about our family moving services, contact our team now online or by calling 1.866.880.8681.


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