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By Quality Move Management Inc / March 28, 2019


America; home to renowned global organizations, the world’s most dominating entertainment industry and a varied spectrum of infamous cities that set hearts racing for food lovers, shopping fanatics, culture vultures, outdoor enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, sports devotees - there is a state to cater to, quite literally, EVERY interest. 

Each state is so distinctly unique that choosing your new home state can be quite overwhelming. With 50 states and over 3000 counties, where do you even begin determining the best state or city for you? 

We have tried to answer some of your queries regarding the best US states to live, looking at the main concerns or requests that people have when cross-border moving to America from Canada.

What state in the US has the best weather?

If we could all control the big blue above, the sun would always be shining (without being too hot), the waterworks would are left to a minimum (just enough rain for crops to thrive), and having to dig our way out of a snowstorm would be a distant memory (but we might miss the occasional snowman). 

There are a few serious contenders to take the top spot for American state with the best weather year-round, including Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, Florida even ranks highly, but the most apparent and triumphant US state for climate is no doubt, California. 

Three weather variables can help determine which US state is victorious for the best weather. The champion should have a 'comfortable' temperature, which is a daily average temperature between 63 and 86 degrees, 'dry' weather which is a maximum of 60 inches of rain per year and 'clear skies' with sunshine for 60 per cent of the year or more - all three of which California more than satisfies. 

Central and South Coast California are known for having the most pleasant temperatures every month of the year, with daily highs and lows never being too cold or too hot. Cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego have a pleasurable temperature of 60°F during most months of the year and summer months hitting an average of 85°F, so it is still more than bearable to get out and about and carry out everyday tasks such as going to work, seeing friends, shopping etc. 


What are the best US states to retire financially?

Although financial concerns are of high importance to individuals entering their golden retirement years, there are some considerations to take into account when looking for the best state in America to retire to, some of which include local amenities, health care facilities, access to transport and of course, the cost of living. 

When you first hit retirement, you should bear in mind that you are essentially on a fixed income from here on. Of course, there are the lucky exceptions with a rolling income from a property portfolio or other investments, but the average Canadian will rely on pensions and savings alone to fund their retirement. 

As a consequence of this, the cost of living in your new home state and city should be high on your list of importance, and you should consider the cost of housing, utilities, groceries, clothing, transportation and the likes. 

However, it is likely that you will also have a lot of spare time on your hands, so you will need a city that can offer plenty in regards to outdoor spaces, activities, hobbies, amenities and entertainment to enjoy at your leisure. 

Through extensive research from Wallethub that involved scoring American states on many variables and retiree priorities such as quality of life, affordability and healthcare, they were able to determine the best US state to retire in:

In first place was Florida with an overall score of 66.79
Colorado came in second place with a total score of 66.17
South Dakota was in the third position with an overall score of 65.89


What is the safest US state to live in with the lowest crime rate?

Quite naturally, we all long to live in a neighbourhood, city or state where we can feel safe. We would be able to walk around at night without fear, we wouldn’t have to worry about our children becoming enveloped in trouble, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if we accidentally left our front door unlocked. 

While we can’t guarantee all of the above, we can let you know about some of the safest states that you should consider when cross-border moving from Canada to the US. Wallethub grouped 48 safety indicators into five categories to discover the safest American states; these categories are ‘Personal & Residential Safety,’ ‘Financial Safety,’ ‘Road Safety,’ ‘Workplace Safety’ and ‘Emergency Preparedness.’

Vermont was found to be the safest state in the US, Maine was in the second position, closely followed by Minnesota as the third safest state in America. 


What is the best American state to live in with a family?

Moving to Canada from America to raise a family is a big move. Not only do you have yourself to consider, you now have to worry about educational institutions, child care, cost of living access to activities, amenities, sports etc. Deciding upon the greatest US state to raise a family can be quite the ordeal. 

Wallethub carried out an analysis of all 50 US states, scored them based on important qualities for raising a family and then ranked them one to 50. The ranking considered ‘Family Fun,’ ‘Health & Safety,’ ‘Education & Child Care,’ ‘Affordability’ and ‘Socio-economics.’

Shooting to number one on the list of American states to raise a family was Minnesota, with a total score of 65.32. Massachusetts was the runner up with a total score of 63.58 and North Dakota with a total score of 62.34.

Located in the Mid-West, Minnesota has a median income of $63,000 which is one of the highest in the nation, combined with the high levels of safety, houses selling at rapid rates and world-class education and child care, and you have yourself a powerful base to raise a family. The fact that Minnesota borders Canada is also a comforting thought for those moving from Canada to America and some of the most sought-after cities in the state include Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester and Duluth.  


What are the prettiest states in the US?

Declaring the ‘prettiest’ US state is somewhat subjective. While the safest US state can be methodically calculated based upon crime rates and the likes, the beauty of a state is down to the eye of the beholder, and there are no quantifying factors to help rank one state above another, aside from personal preference; so, here are four of our favourite options:


The state of California has to be up there with some of the most beautiful states in America due to the drastically varied landscapes that are be found in the state. From some of the world’s most infamous beaches, expansive deserts, National Parks and mountain ranges, California possesses every kind of beauty - whatever that word might mean to you. 


Utah is an other-worldly spectacle with soaring red-rock cliffs, majestic rock formations and canyonlands that you have to see to believe. Aside from rock formations and the marvels that are known as the “Mighty Five” national parks, Utah also has quaint towns and world-class ski resorts, proving its status as one of the most naturally beautiful states in America. 


Hawaii, a state so tropical you almost wouldn't believe it was a US state. The beauty radiates from this island and with every turn of the head is a new wonder to take your breath away. From exotic flora and fauna, glowing volcanoes, whimsical mountains, beaches, jungles and traditional Hawaiian communities, culture can be discovered throughout Hawaii. 


Alaska is hands down one of the most wildly fascinating states in the US. Alaska is the epitome of natural beauty from the icy presence of Arctic tundras, glaciers and snowy, jagged mountain ranges to the contrasting rain forests, volcanoes and expansive shorelines where you can sit and gaze in awe of the Northern Lights. 

If you have decided to take the plunge and move across the Canada - USA border, QMM can ease the physical load of your relocation with our cross-border removal services. We help Canadian citizens move to cities across the US daily, whether that be delivering personal goods, furniture or vehicles; we have a level of confidence in our removal services that allows us to send goods of any size and any quantity from Canada to the USA. 

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