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How Much Does It Cost To Live In Edmonton?

By Quality Move Management Inc / December 1, 2022

As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton has many attractive qualities that encourage people to move there year after year. The beautiful scenery, a wealth of open spaces for outdoor activities and its lively festivals are just a few of the things new residents in Edmonton can look forward to. If you’re planning on moving to Edmonton you’ll have to consider how different life will be in another city and whether it will be more expensive to live there. As an experienced moving company, at QMM, we have a good understanding of what to expect in cities across Canada, so let’s uncover the true cost of living in Edmonton.


Is it Expensive to Live in Edmonton?

Compared to other cities in Canada, Edmonton is an affordable city to live in. When we consider Edmonton living expenses, the monthly cost of living for a single person is approximately $1,270.33 (CAD) excluding rent and around $4,501.84 (CAD) for a family of 4 (not including rent). When compared to Vancouver for example, general consumer prices in Edmonton (including rent) are 23.37% lower. 


What Are The Average Salaries in Edmonton?

For most people who plan on moving to Edmonton, finding a job will be high on the list of priorities. Technology, agriculture, health and advanced manufacturing make up some of the key economic sectors in Edmonton. Alberta’s tar sands and potential oil supply makes Edmonton a centre for employment in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. There are still job opportunities in traditional sectors. In an Edmonton vs Toronto comparison, the average citizen in Edmonton earns a monthly salary of around $4,644.42 which is about 14.23% less than salaries in Toronto. 


What is The Average House Price in Edmonton?

The Edmonton housing market is quite affordable when compared to larger Canadian housing markets with the average property being sold for around $371,599 (CAD). Over the last decade, Edmonton house prices have only increased by 14% which demonstrates Edmonton’s stable housing market. The neighbourhood you choose to live in can affect the price of your property. For example buying a house in Downtown Edmonton may be more expensive due to its desirability among working professionals.


Is Edmonton Cheaper than Toronto?

If you’re moving from Toronto to Edmonton, you will notice a difference in the overall cost of living between the two cities. When comparing overall consumer prices, the average cost of living in Edmonton is around 18.29% cheaper than life in Toronto. Affordability is a really good reason to move as the cost of living in Edmonton is cheaper than in 45% of cities in Canada.


How Much Does Daycare Cost in Edmonton?


Thanks to a negotiated agreement with the federal government, Alberta saw an increase in the amount of high-quality affordable and accessible daycare facilities. Residents in Edmonton can benefit from the government’s long-term plan to reduce the overall cost of childcare for families. Thanks to the grants received by childcare providers, parents can have childcare fees subsidised according to the amount they earn. This means some families will pay around $10 per day if they earn up to $119,999 and approximately $11 to $17 per day if they earn between $120,000 and $179,999.


How Much Is the Average Monthly Cost of a Utility Bill in Edmonton?

Alberta is known for its extreme temperatures and this has a direct impact on energy usage and the cost of utilities in Edmonton. The size of your property and the size of your household will affect the amount you pay for your utilities, but on average the monthly utility bill for a 915 sq ft  apartment is around $254.85 (CAD). This can work out to more than a 50% increase when compared to cities like Toronto. In an Edmonton Vs Calgary comparison, the cost of monthly utilities are comparable to Calgary


What is The Average Cost of Food in Edmonton?

With its richly diverse culture, you won't be short of places to try new cuisines in Edmonton. Thankfully, if you’re moving from Toronto to Edmonton for example, prices for dining out are comparable. If you prefer to prepare home-cooked meals, your average monthly grocery bill could cost around $442.99 (CAD) which works out to be approximately 3.38% lower when compared to Toronto.


Get Expert Help With Your Edmonton Move From QMM

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