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How should you pack and move valuable artwork?

By Quality Move Management Inc / April 2, 2018

You are all excited to move to your new home. The only thing that’s on your mind now is how to move your precious artwork. Maybe you’d like to store your items in a safe place for a while, or maybe you’d like to include them in the move along with your other belongings. Whatever you choose to do, the goal is the same: to move and pack your valuable artwork safely.

How to pack your valuable artwork:

To protect your artwork, you will need corrugated cardboard, tape, bubble wrap, and newspaper. Take your painting/artwork off the wall and place it on a flat surface. Slide the cardboard underneath and wrap it carefully around the artwork. If your art is framed with glass, you will need to cover it with a piece of heavy cardboard. Next, wrap your artwork with the bubble wrap. Make sure you secure the edges of the bubble wrap using masking tape. You will now need to look for the appropriate size box to securely transport your item. We recommend using mirror and art boxes. For very expensive artwork, we recommend crating using customized wooden boxes. Fill the extra space in your box with the newspaper and make sure your artwork has little room to move. Most importantly, please do not forget to write “fragile” with a black marker on the box.

Check out these pro tips:  

1.  Avoid using packing peanuts

Packing peanuts tend to settle at the bottom of the box, causing it to flex and expand from one end. This also leaves more room at the top. If the box gets jostled in transit, your artwork can get damaged.  

2.  Delicate or Antique frame

If you are moving a piece of art with a delicate frame, we recommend taking it to professional movers and packers. They use specialized custom crates to protect your precious items.

3.  Do not store your artwork in a dry or damp place

Always store your artwork in a climate-controlled storage facility to prevent items from being damaged due to excess moisture.

4.  Insure the art for its full value

We understand that your art has both sentimental and monetary value. We strongly advise you to insure your items for their full value. Accidents can happen, so it is imperative to be prepared. 

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