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How to Move to Canada from the US

By Quality Move Management Inc / September 26, 2017

So we all heard how Google searches for becoming a Canadian resident was the highest since they had been since 2004 following Trump’s inauguration, but jokes aside, there is a legion of reasons why somebody might consider moving to Canada from the US.

QMM strives to make all cross-border relocations simple in whatever way we can. Therefore, we have compiled a little help-list of ways you can best organise the process and help relieve some of the stress of relocating to Canada.

  1. Are You Eligible To Immigrate To Canada?

A good place to start is to see if you are actually eligible for a permanent residency in Canada, rather than going through the rigmarole of applying for visas, looking for housing, only to find there was an obvious reason you were denied residency.

Common reasons for refused entry into Canada include; serious health risks and concerns, human or international right violation, significant debts or financial issues and the main one – having a criminal record.

It usually works in your favour when applying for visas if you already have a job lined up, possess a skill that is needed in the country, if you have relatives with permanent residency or citizenship and if you are an entrepreneur with a notable networth. However, do bear in mind that each province has its own entry requirements.

  1. Where Will You Choose To Call Your New Home City?

You may already know which Canadian city you want to live in, whereas some people could be clueless. If you are moving back to Canada from the US or if you already have a job lined up, this will ultimately make this decision for you.

We recommend you ponder the reasons why you want to move in the first place and more specifically, why you want to move to Canada from the USA. Every province is completely unique and every city has its own distinct charm and characteristics, so it is likely one province will meet your needs more than any other. After you have agreed on a province, you should begin narrowing it down to which city you want to call home.  

Weigh up variables such as property values, cost of living, schools, industries/employment and activities or things to do.

It is extremely beneficial to visit a few Canadian cities before you commit to anything. Moving to Canada from the US is a big step, so you must be sure you are moving to a location that is perfect for you. Online images and travel guides do not always provide real life representations of a city.

  1. Choose Your Entry Route For Your Canada Immigration

There is a wide range of immigration routes and Canada visas that you can explore to gain permanent residency, each with varying eligibilities, requirements and benefits.

Popular visas when permanently moving cross-border to Canada from US include:

  • EXPRESS ENTRY: Citizens of America are typically eligible to apply for residency via express entry thanks to strong language skills, higher education and the commonly high levels of skilled work experience. Express entry applications are processed within six months, so before you know it - you could be moving to Canada to live and work.
  • PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAMS: Provinces have significat say in who they allow to settle there. If you already know which area you want to move to, the province nominee programs may prove useful and you might even possess certain skills that particular province is looking for.
  • SPOUSAL SPONSORSHIP: Many American immigrants in Canada arrive after sponsorship from their Canadian spouse. The government supports family sponsorship and are looking to reduce approval times under this entry route.
  • BUSINESS IMMIGRATION: Canada is keen to attract entrepreneurs to the Country through their business immigration programs, due to their capability to contribute to the Canadian economy. There are a number of categories under this programme, you can find more detailed information on the government website.
  1. Start Home Hunting

After your visa has been approved and you have agreed on a city, you should begin making moves on securing your dream Canadian house, apartment, condo etc. It is important to consider whether it is best for you to rent or buy, keeping in mind that property in Canada is not particularly cheap. You should try to visit all properties before you sign a contract regardless if it is to rent or buy, as advertisements can be deceiving. It's also worth considering if you need to move to Canada before the sale on your new home is complete, are you going to short-term let a property or find a cheap hotel in the meantime?

  1. Secure Yourself A Job!

If you are moving from the US to Canada without a job lined up, the bulk of your time should be spent searching job hunting, applying, attending interviews and doing everything in your power to bag a job. It can take longer to secure a job as a new immigrant to Canada so it is crucial to start as soon as possible. With housing and living costs slightly high in Canada (you make up for this in other areas) it is vital that you have a steady income.

  1. How Are You And Your Family Going To Travel To Canada?

Now would be the ideal time to decide how you are going to make your way to Canada. This might sound silly, but it is worth considering. If you live fairly close to the border and if you want to take your car with you, it would make sense to drive to Canada to save costs on paying to transport your vehicle. Whereas if you live a considerable distance and you do not plan on taking a car, the earlier you book your transportation, whether that is bus, plane or train, the cheaper it will be and one less thing for you to worry abour closer to moving day.

  1. The Graft Begins: De-Clutter Your Home

Dare we say it; you don’t have to take EVERYTHINGwhen you move to Canada from the US. When you spend many years living in one home, you accumulate a lot of unnecessary items, which usually you don’t even know you have. We recommend organising and de-cluttering your home so you only take things to Canada that you need or that has special meaning to you. It can be quite a consuming task especially if you have a large family home. If you start ASAP, you can take your time and do it in stages… it will make life easier when you call in the pros.

  1. Research Schools for Children

Once you have found your new home and know which neighbourhood you will be living in, you should begin researching schools if you are relocating to Canada with children. Every province has their own school divisions so it is important to research into each division and make an informed decision on which best suits your child.

  1. Time to Call in the Professionals

Finally, when you have decided upon a moving date, it is time to call in the expert cross-border movers. Choosing a professional Canada moving company will save a lot of stress as the majority of the hard work will be done for you. QMM will pack all of your belongings in the strongest packing materials, including the dis-assembly and assembly of your household appliances, crate any fine arts and antiques and transport your belongings to the kerbside of your new home in Canada. QMM can also provide short-term or long-term storage solutions, which is handy for those who are not immediately moving into their permanent home.

Of course if you decide you want to pack yourself, QMM will still provide you with the same robust, industry-approved packing materials used when they pack, so your goods will still be safe in transit. 

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