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How to Ship your Car or Vehicle across Canada

By Quality Move Management Inc / June 26, 2018

Whether you’re moving to Canada, moving from Canada, or just moving across Canada, there’s one thing you definitely can’t leave behind: your car! When moving short distances, just driving the car to your new destination seems like a simple solution, but when you’re moving a lot further, it isn't so easy! Let's compare driving your car to your new house with using a Canada movers or car carrier for professional vehicle shipping across country...


“Why not just drive to your new home?”

Though driving you car to your new home may save on the initial shipping costs you would incur when using a moving company, it could end up costing you more (financially & emotionally!) in the long run.


Not only do you have to take into account the fuel costs involved in making a lengthy journey across canada or the Canada/US border, you also have to consider maintenance costs (e.g. tire repairs) and the depreciation cost (how much such a long journey will decrease the value of your car). On top of this, you will be spending a few long days and nights on the road, meaning the cost of meals and accommodation must also be factored in! Not to mention, driving to your new destination instead of flying means you’ll be delaying the start of your new career - so don’t forget to consider loss of income!


As well as financial factors to consider, it’s also important to remember that such long drives can be mentally tiring, and even quite dangerous (depending on where you’ll be going). We’re not trying to scare you of course, but it’s important to realise that getting your vehicle from A to B is not as easy as just hopping in the car for a little road trip!


“What’s the alternative?” Vehicle shipping!

Enlisting the services of Canadian moving company to ship your car via automobile transporter is not only the easiest way to have your car delivered to your home, it’s also the safest & most economical! Using vehicle transport or car delivery means you’re free to travel to your new home in your own way. You’ll also have great peace of mind knowing that your car will be travelling safely and securely. Of course, it’s very important to select a vehicle shipping company that will make this process simple and easy. Not to brag, but here at Quality Move Management, we have years of experience in shipping cars to and from Canada! We can load the vehicle at your residence and have it delivered to your new home, or any other location - whatever is convenient for you. We’ll also be on hand to help out with any car import regulations or customs clearances - which means a lot less stress for you. What’s more, QMM can offer some of the best car shipping rates in Canada - our worldwide location prices are also very competitive! Check out our Vehicle Shipping Canada page for more information.  


“But wait, what about transporting my boat? Or bike? Or caravan?”

Don’t worry, it isn’t just cars that our QMM carriers can ship to, from, and across Canada. We can also arrange to transport a variety of automobiles and recreational vehicles, including boats, motor homes, caravans, motorbikes, and even jet skis! As long as you have taken the correct steps to prepare your vehicle for transport, we can arrange to ship just about anything! You can find out more about the vehicle shipping process with our vehicle shipping checklist.


Whatever vehicle you’d like to transport, and however far you need it to go - we’re here for you! Get in touch today and you can chat to a move coordinator about all the available car transportation options, they can also give you a free car shipping quote based on your personal circumstances! We can also provide more information on moving within Canada, and cross border moving (USA to Canada and vice versa). Let us show you how QMM can help you!

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