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International Moving - Your Questions Answered

By Quality Move Management Inc / January 19, 2021

Simplifying a Complex Overseas Relocation: Answering Your International Moving Questions

When you take into consideration immigration, customs requirements, flights for family members (including your pet!) and potentially integrating into an entirely new culture, international relocations can be regarded as the most intricate of moves. International household movers are here to alleviate some of that pressure, which is why it is so important to select your overseas movers carefully. Having a greater understanding of the overseas relocation service will enable you to make the best decision, and we are happy to provide that info here. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding overseas relocation services. 


How Are my Goods Shipped Internationally? 

Depending on the amount of household goods you are looking to move, we offer two different methods of shipping: air shipments and sea shipments. 

Air shipments: Household goods are best shipped by air if there is a small amount of goods being shipped. This is the fastest method of shipping, but this does come at a higher cost. 

Sea shipments: Shipping goods worldwide via sea containers is one of the most effective methods of transportation. If an entire household’s contents are being moved, this will be the most cost-effective route, however, it does take longer to arrive at your new destination. 


If I Ship by Sea Container, Do I Need to Use a Whole Container? 

You do not need to have a whole container of goods to ship by container; quite a few options for utilizing containers for overseas shipments are available based on your circumstances. 

Full container load (FCL): This is precisely what it sounds like – a full container load! If you have enough goods being shipped that it can fill an entire container, it will travel as an FCL. 

Less container load (LCL): Conversely, an LCL will take your shipment and rather than loading it directly into a container, it will be loaded into a smaller vault that will then be loaded into a container with other goods heading to the same destination. This method is ideal for those shipping less than a full container amount of goods, but more than a groupage amount.  

Groupage: A groupage is great for even smaller shipments, depending on your destination. Each shipment is clearly labelled and separated as it is loaded with other shipments into a container and sent together to the destination.  This shipping method is very cost-effective, but it can take quite a bit of time to arrive at the destination depending on when the shipments are loaded at origin. Ask your international moving company if they offer groupage shipments to your destination! 

Baggage Service: Do you have only a small amount of goods to move, and it does not need to arrive urgently? Check out our recent post on international baggage services.



Do I Have to Pack and Unpack my Own Items? 

Great news – for most shipping methods, our international movers and packers will pack and unpack your goods for you! The only exception to this rule is the baggage shipment, which will require the goods to be packed and ready for shipment upon delivery to the origin warehouse. 


Who Handles my Goods at Destination? 

QMM is fortunate to be a part of many international mover networks, including Allied International, Pickfords International, and the FIDI Global Alliance. Through these agencies, we can partner with the best international moving companies across the globe and ensure that you will receive your goods in the same condition at destination as they were at origin. 


Whether you are moving from Vancouver to the UK, or from Australia to Toronto, we are here to help find the best shipping method for the safe transportation of your personal belongings. 

For any further questions on international moving, reach out to us at or contact us online and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

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