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Is Toronto a Good Place to Raise a Family?

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 21, 2023

If you’re thinking about relocating to Toronto with children, you won’t be disappointed. As Canada’s largest city, there is a lot to offer people of all ages but if you have a young family, moving to Toronto will feel like the best decision. With its world-class education system, family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming neighbourhoods, Toronto is a great place to raise a family and we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite reasons why.


Childcare and Schools in Toronto

Young families looking to settle in Toronto will be relieved to know that the city has some of the best schools in Canada. Many of the schools are located within walking distance of neighbourhoods and lots of Toronto kids often travel to school on foot. It is common to see “walking school buses” of children and accompanying adults making their way to school as a part of Toronto’s public health “Walk to School” campaign.


With a choice of public, private, special needs and international schools to enrol with, you can be confident that you will find a school that suits your child. Many families in Toronto use the Fraser Institute’s school rankings website to make informed decisions about Toronto schools. This a great way to discover the best schools in the city, especially if your move to Toronto is based around your choice of school. For younger children, there are many options for childcare in Toronto, including culturally relevant early learning and childcare for indigenous families.


Family Activities in Toronto

As a family, you’ll never be short on things to do in Toronto. All year round you’ll find indoor and outdoor activities that will entertain your little ones, whatever the weather. When you move to Toronto, you’ll realise it’s bursting with events and places to go that are geared towards the younger generation. Here are just a few of our favourite family activities in Toronto:


  • Visit the Legoland Discovery Centre - situated north of Toronto, creative kids of all ages can enjoy Lego building areas, a 4D cinema and the world’s largest Lego brick flag.

  • Check out the Art Gallery of Ontario - located in downtown Toronto, this art museum host many exciting exhibitions, and a summer art camp for children and every Wednesday evening, entry is free for everyone.

  • Climb the CN Tower - your children will love seeing Toronto from the world's tallest freestanding tower whilst riding the glass elevator.

  • See the animals at Toronto Zoo - when you move to Toronto, you’ll have the largest zoo in Canada on your doorstep.

  • Try Treetop Trekking in Brampton- situated just 20 minutes outside of Toronto, kids can experience ziplines and aerial courses nestled amidst Heart Lake Conservation area.

  • Enjoy a feast of festivals - living in Toronto means you’ll never miss multicultural festivals like the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. This annual event includes the Junior Carnival Parade where young masqueraders in costumes enjoy the Caribbean street party atmosphere.


Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Being a large city, Toronto has the amenities and big-city vibe you'd expect as well as lots of open spaces and urban parks. This is ideal for families of all types whether you like the hustle and bustle of Downtown Toronto or the charming suburbs surrounding the Toronto area. When it comes to choosing the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, moving to friendly and welcoming areas will be high on the list of priorities for young families. Just outside of Toronto’s urban core, you’ll find many desirable areas that have lots to offer. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto for families.


Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a short drive away from Toronto and a large majority of residents have children. The area has a small-town feel and the easy commute to Toronto means you can enjoy a suburban life whilst staying close to the city. Richmond Hill also boasts plenty of outdoor activities to keep youngsters entertained. Find out more about Richmond Hill movers.



Brampton has a culturally diverse, family-friendly environment and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Greater Toronto area. Families are attracted to the beautiful conservation areas and child-centred options for entertainment as well as the low cost of living in Brampton when compared to other areas within Toronto. Discover more about Brampton movers.



Situated 36 minutes from Toronto, Oakville is a family town with a safe and clean environment and a low crime rate. With lots of highly-rated schools in the vicinity, moving to Oakville is an ideal choice for growing families. Learn all about Oakville movers.


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