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Local Moving Tips - Make Short Distance Moves Simple

By Quality Move Management Inc / August 29, 2023

Local moves are on the whole more simple than longer moves across the country. Whilst moving across town may seem like it takes less planning, there are a few specific things you should bear in mind. If you are thinking about moving locally, our local moving checklist is here to help.

Moving Locally Made Simple

With the proper planning, local moves can go without a hitch. With less time in your vehicle, moves can be more flexible but should still be carefully handled. Choosing the ease of a local moving company helps to take the pressure off your home move across town with dedicated cross-town movers ready to move your belongings with care.


  1. Go to See Your New Home From a Moving Perspective

When buying a home it is easy to imagine our new lives there and make plans for possible redecoration but one thing we don’t often consider until moving day is the home from a moving perspective. To better plan for moving day, go to see your new home and evaluate any access issues you may find for both moving vans and moving furniture or boxes into your new home. You’ll then be able to highlight these issues with your chosen mover during your local move quote and be better prepared for moving your belongings into your new home on moving day.


  1. Declutter Your Home

Before you get your local moving quote, it’s time for a sort-out. Many of us have items in our homes gathering dust and sitting unused for many years. However, moving home is the perfect time to get rid of any items you no longer want and to sort through the belongings you would like to keep. You can check out our guide to decluttering before your local move and remember that you can always use our storage services if needed.


  1. Choose a Local Moving Service Early

Whilst you may not be moving very far, being prepared early is still important to ensure you have the right local moving services for your needs. Planning and booking your local mover early will make sure you get your chosen moving day spot with your preferred local moving company. Choosing a local moving company early will also allow you to plan for any elements specific to your move such as large furniture, specialist local moves and more. We can help with local Calgary moves, local Vancouver moves, local Edmonton moves and more and serve all areas big or small.


  1. Make a Local Moving Checklist

Whilst general local moving checklists like the one included here are useful, your specific move will have its own unique challenges, so it is worth creating your own moving checklist to accommodate these unique elements. For example, do you have an overcrowded attic space that you will need to organise in advance of your move? Will your basement space need sorting before your local moving quote? Do you have a checklist of items that could be moved in-car with you on the day such as plants? Do you need to contact family members to tell them about your move? Will you want to take a separate box with you on the day containing food and drinks to enjoy whilst you are unpacking? Include all of these things in your own personal local moving checklist to ensure you are all planned and ready before the day.


  1. Prepare Packing Supplies or Choose Packing Services

Before your move, you’ll need to get together some local moving supplies in order to pack up your belongings safely and securely. You’ll need supplies such as strong boxes, tape, sandwich bags for smaller items and packing materials such as packing peanuts or wrapping paper. Alternatively, professional local moving services such as QMM offer packing and unpacking services that can help take the stress out of packing for your home move. Our cross town movers can provide all of the packing materials you need and pack up all of your items securely to avoid damage on your short move making the whole process much smoother.


  1. Prepare Your Paperwork

A big part of any home move is making sure all paperwork is completed and organised well in advance. From new home insurance to letting agreements and all of the usual paperwork involved with buying a new home or renting, make sure that all of your needed paperwork is completed early and that you have copies of it ready before moving day. Make sure you also transfer utilities for your new home and arrange for the forwarding of any mail.


  1. Organise Pet and Child Care

A household in the process of moving, even locally isn’t the best place for pets or young children so it is often worth arranging for pet sitting or childcare for a few hours whilst you move home. Older children may be more capable of helping to pack and unpack their own belongings but seeing their home in disarray can be stressful for young children and put an added stress on parents having to keep an eye on them whilst moving belongings. Similarly, caring for pets and being mindful of open doors can be an added stress for the moving process so it can be beneficial to arrange for your pet to be cared for for the day.


  1. Take Time to Clean

Whether you are moving home locally into another house or moving apartment locally such as a local Toronto move, cleaning up any debris left behind or giving your place a thorough clean if renting can be an important part of your local move. Factor in time and supplies to get your place ship-shape once the moving boxes have cleared to ensure any deposits are retained and to leave your home in a fit state for the new occupants.


Call QMM for Your Local Moves

If you are thinking of moving locally and are looking for a professional service to help, contact the team at QMM. We have a range of local moving services and can help you move across town quickly and efficiently. Contact our team online or by calling 1.866.880.8681 now to find out more.

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