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Long Distance Moving: Pushing the Limits

By Quality Move Management Inc / November 23, 2020

In previous blogs, we have discussed how to choose a long distance moving company, but once you’ve selected a vendor, do you know the full scope of the services we can provide? A professional long distance moving company provides more than purely moving services. At Quality Move Management, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding customer experience, and here are some of the ways we do that.


Setting ourselves apart from the crowd:

When choosing a mover, the number of options out there can be overwhelming. As one of the best-rated long distance moving companies in Canada, we know what it means to stand out from the crowd. A great place to start is to conduct some research! It is important to consider the reviews and ratings of any long distance moving company. Other helpful resources for researching the validity of the organization is the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB); both of these groups have rigorous requirements in place to ensure that moving companies are complaint with quality, safety and reputability.

Once you have contacted a moving company, they will begin creating a quote for your move. Acquiring a long distance moving quote online is getting easier all the time! Technology has enabled many companies to provide prospective customers with an expedited or instant quote, but it is important to ensure your long distance moving company has an accurate estimation of your goods to know that the quote is as accurate as possible.


Long Distance Moving without Limits:

Did you know you can book your move with a company that is not directly in your area? Rather than searching for “best long distance moving companies near me”, open up your search for a moving company elsewhere within your province, or even further! QMM has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, but we are not restricted to work specifically within those cities; as a long distance moving company in Canada, we can service moves originating in or delivering to any province. Whether you are moving from Victoria to London, Ottawa to Nanaimo, Vancouver to Toronto, or Halifax to Saskatoon, we can assist.

As a part of the Allied long distance mover’s network, we can work with partners across Canada to provide you with uninterrupted moving services. Throughout your move, you will have a dedicated QMM Relocation Coordinator who will maintain contact with you and keep you closely aware of the status of your household goods.


Diversity of Long Distance Moving services:

Every move is unique and requires intricate coordination, and we are well equipped to provide a full service long distance moving experience! As a long distance moving and storage company, we can keep your goods safely in our warehouse until you take possession of your new home. If you are in need of packing or unpacking services for your goods, our professional packers can take care of your fragile items. If there are special services required on any of your appliances, bulky items in your home, or crating services that will be needed, we can take care of getting these arranged. If there are areas of your move that you are feeling anxious about, feel free to ask your Business Development Manager or Relocation Coordinator, and even if we are not able to answer or assist, we will do whatever we can to point you in the right direction.


Let the Professionals do the Long Distance Move:

Regardless of how simple or difficult your move feels at the start, hiring a professional long distance moving service will ensure that your move goes smoothly. Moving is a complicated process, and we know how to mitigate stress as best as possible.

If you have your move booked and the packing you planned to do suddenly seems insurmountable, reach out to your move coordinator to discuss available options for packing services. Whether you need us to take care of the packing or simply need advice on how to pack certain items, we are here to support you.


Visit our blog and social media for more tips and tricks on long distance moving, and reach out to us at or contact us for any other help you may need.

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