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5 Reasons Why Living in Mississauga is a Great Alternative to Toronto

By Quality Move Management Inc / July 14, 2023

Even though Mississauga is the third largest city in Ontario, it was once thought of just as a residential destination for people working in Toronto. Today, Mississauga is considered a city in its own right with lots to offer. The city’s indigenous name originates from the Anishinaabe people and comes from the word Misi-zaagiing, which roughly translates to "Those at the Great River-mouth".  Aptly named since Mississauga is situated along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Living in Mississauga offers newcomers to the city a great balance between suburban life and the hustle of big-city living. Situated east of Oakville and south of Brampton, Mississauga is the second-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

With its combination of urban amenities and beautiful natural surroundings, Mississauga makes a great alternative to Toronto. The city is a phenomenal place to live and we’ve curated some of our favourite reasons why moving to Mississauga may be the best fit for some people.


Mississauga Vs Toronto Cost Of Living

One of the biggest advantages to living in Mississauga when compared to living in Toronto is the reduced cost of living. Toronto can be an expensive place to live in some urban areas, so it's good to know that consumer prices in Mississauga are 11.0% lower than in Toronto. In terms of accommodation, it is 10.7% cheaper to rent a property in Mississauga compared to Toronto. Housing is also more affordable to buy in Mississauga than in Toronto, however, it can be more expensive than in other cities in Canada. As with many other areas in Canada, properties outside of downtown Mississauga are cheaper to buy than in the city centre and mortgage costs can be up to 5.2% less than in Toronto. 


Working in Mississauga

Mississauga is a great place to live if you work in Toronto but there are lots of opportunities for jobs in Mississauga too. The city is perfect for developing a career in tech or starting a tech-based business as it has a dedicated centre geared towards helping small businesses to succeed. With Toronto being known as the financial capital of Canada, Mississauga is a great place for tech workers since it’s known as the leader in Canada’s knowledge bases industries. These include tech and communications, advanced manufacturing, and financial services. There are many industry-leading businesses and employment opportunities in the city as it is conveniently located right in the heart of the Toronto-Waterloo tech hub which is transforming the face of Canada’s innovative tech sector.


Getting Around in Mississauga 

With Mississauga being less densely populated than Toronto, you may find it easier to move around the city since things feel more spaced out. Although it is very convenient to have a car, public transport in Mississauga is good. There are networks of highways and options for public transportation that keep Mississauga well-connected to Toronto and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. If you want to move to Mississauga and work in Toronto, commuting is simple since Port Credit train station is around 30 mins from Union Station in Downtown Toronto. 

The transit authority in Mississauga called MiWay operates buses that run throughout the city, so getting around is easy if you don’t drive. Transit services from neighbouring Brampton and Oakville connect to Mississauga as well the GTA’s own transit service, the Go Train and the nearby Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Compared to Toronto, the price of a single ticket on local transportation is higher in Mississauga. However, it is cheaper to buy a monthly bus pass in Mississauga than it is in Toronto and if you choose to buy a car in Mississauga, that could also cost you up to 11% less. 


Things to do in Mississauga

If you like outdoor activities, you’ll enjoy living in Mississauga. While Toronto is known for its vibrant cultural festivities and green spaces with an almost endless selection of nature trails, Mississauga holds its own weight when it comes to entertaining its residents. In Downtown Mississauga, you’ll find Celebration Square, which is home to live music and cultural events celebrating the very diverse nature of the city. At Celebration Square you’ll also find the Lions Farmers Market from June through to October. There you can buy fresh produce and delicious home baked goods as well as diverse delicacies from around the world.

Also located downtown, you’ll find Square One Shopping Centre. Physically, Square One Shopping Centre may not be as big as Toronto’s Eaton Centre but it does have over 300 shops to choose from while the Eaton Centre has over 200. Mississauga also has a respectable amount of green spaces and woodland areas with more than 480 parks in the city. Erindale Park is the largest park in the city and has 222 acres of parkland with hiking trails located along the Credit River.


Diversity in Mississauga

Mississauga and Toronto both have a reputation for cultural diversity and both cities have large populations of first generation immigrants. Mississauga is a welcoming city for newcomers to Canada and a lot of the newcomer population is from South Asia, China and the Philippines. The rich cultural diversity is reflected in the local cuisine and cultural celebrations that can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Mississauga Movers

If you think moving to Mississauga is the right choice for you, the movers at Quality Move Management are waiting to help, We have moved countless families and individuals across Canada so if you’re ready to make Mississauga your new home, contact the experienced team at QMM for more information.

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