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Moving Coverage

Domestic/Cross Border

Occasionally items can get lost or damaged in the moving process. It is important to select the proper coverage to protect your possessions during the move, be sure to assess your needs before finalizing your protection.

The two most common types of coverage are:

1. Basic Liability: your items are usually covered at 60 cents per pound, per item - regardless of their actual value.

Cost: No Charge

2. Extra Care Protection/Customer Transit Protection (Canada): A high level of protection. If an item is lost or destroyed, most companies will offer the full replacement cost - regardless of the item's depreciation. Ask about this option at full value or with a deductible. In order to validate this coverage, you will be required to complete our Valued Inventory Form.


Ensuring the well-being of your goods and providing you with peace of mind throughout your move are top priorities shared by everyone in the Allied International system. When you entrust your prized possessions to us, you can take comfort in knowing that we have the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to provide you with the very best moving services available anywhere in the world.

Of course, the unexpected can happen and sometimes does. That's where Allied International's insurance program comes in. Supported by a major insurance group, your possessions should be comprehensively insured against accidental loss or damage during an international move. The special advantages of the plan include some benefits that are either excluded or additional in some other policies. We have 2 options available for coverage:

1) Valued Inventory Form: First, you need to determine the full replacement value of your possessions at destination. Included in these pages is a detailed Valued Inventory on which you can list and calculate the value. When items are listed together, all will be considered to be of equal value. In order to validate this coverage, you will be required to complete our Valued Inventory Form.

2) Flat Rate: is based on the final weight/volume of your shipment at a rate of 12.50/lb in the currency of your destination. A list of high value (worth 2,000 or more singly in currency of destination) items is required.

Please consult with your Move Coordinator if you have any questions on these coverage options.

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