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Moving Home During the Winter - What You Need to Know

By Quality Move Management Inc / February 16, 2022

If you are planning on moving home during the winter months there are a number of things you need to consider on top of the normal moving considerations. Whilst peak season for moving home is usually during the summer months, many people each year decide to move during the winter months. Moving in the colder season can be difficult but possible with plenty of planning, here are our top things you should know when moving home during winter.

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Plan in Advance

With any type of move, planning in advance is vital. However, planning for moving home during the winter months is even more important as there are a number of factors that could delay or affect your move. We’ve listed a few of the key things to remember when planning your winter move below.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Weather is a big thing to plan for during the winter so it is important to check the weather forecast in advance of your move and ensure you have everything you need such as cold weather clothing for your move. Bad storms can stop moves from happening so it is important to keep an eye on the weather to know if your home move may be delayed.

Prepare for Delays

Weather can wreak havoc on travel plans so it is important you prepare for any delays, particularly if you will be moving long-distance in the winter. One way to combat this is to arrange for a separate suitcase of important items you will need right away to travel with you as you move home. If you are moving abroad during this time, it is even more important to allow for delays as adverse weather can affect shipments.


Take Extra Care When Wrapping Your Belongings

When the weather outside is bad, this means an extra level of risk for your belongings during transit. To prevent any unwanted damages when moving home during the winter, take extra care when wrapping your personal items, particularly anything fragile. Use extra padding and wrapping to secure items against movement in transit and make sure that your winter home move is properly insured.


Turn on Your Utilities Before the Move

Walking into a warm house after a long move can make moving during winter a much more pleasant experience so it may be worth taking a trip to your new home before moving day to ensure your utilities are turned on and ready for you to move in to save a lot of hassle on moving day. This has the added benefit of allowing you to plug in the vacuum for a quick tidy up if you bring in any of the mess of the outdoors with you during your winter move.


Protect Your Floor

If you are moving in the winter, the chances are there will be some sort of adverse weather. Whether it is snowing outside or just muddy, be sure to lay down some cardboard boxes or other protective material to stop your floors from becoming covered in mud and slush from outside. This will save a mess in your current home as well as your new home as you move in as you will simply be able to lift up the floor protectors instead of spending hours cleaning mud out of floors and carpet.


Arrange Care for Children and Pets

Moving is busy enough without having to worry about caring for children and pets during the move. To combat this, try to arrange for someone to care for your children or pets on moving day to make the move as efficient as possible. This will leave you able to focus on which boxes go where and saying goodbye to your home. If you are moving home with children, packing a bag with their favourite things separate to the moving van is a good idea to save any tears when it comes to locating favourite toys among the number of moving boxes.


Clear Your Driveway and Path

If you have had snow, aim to clear the snow before your move to make transporting items to and from the vehicle easier, whilst you can’t account for snow during the day, clearing any large amounts of snow from the path can help make the move slightly easier. If you are moving locally and have access to your new home before the move, it could be worth doing the same at your new home to make moving your items into your new home easier.


Choose a Moving Service You Can Trust

Moving during winter can be a tough time, but by using a moving service you trust, the process can be made simple. QMM have been moving families, individuals, businesses and more for a number of years and have overcome every problem possible so you know your winter move is in good hands.


To find out more about our home moves, contact QMM now to talk to our experienced team.

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