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Moving Home for the First Time - What You Need to Know

By Quality Move Management Inc / November 14, 2022

Buying your first home is an exciting time. Choosing an area, going to what may seem like endless house viewings and finally finding your new home are all parts of the journey but what else do you need to know about moving home for the first time in Canada? Our guide for first-time movers takes you through everything you need to know about moving home and what you need to do as a first time mover.

Moving Home For the First Time?

Are you a first time home buyer in Canada wondering what you need to do next? At QMM, our team of movers have been helping first time movers across Canada for decades so know every challenge they might face. Moving into your first house creates a seemingly endless list of ‘to-do’s’ whether you are moving into your first apartment or a house in the suburbs but our moving checklist is here to help.


What to Do When Moving into a New House

Moving at any time of life is full of challenges but moving for the first time offers its own unique ones. Your first-time moving budget can help you take into account all the costs of moving into your first home but there is always another item to add to your list of things to buy for your first house. Before moving into your first home, there are a few things you should remember. This could include questions to ask or things to look out for when making the move. Take a look at our moving into first house checklist below for the most important tasks.

First Time Mover Checklist: Before the Move

Before you move into your new home, there are a few things you should check with the homeowner or letting agency and tasks to tick off your to-do list before your first move.


  1. Ask the sellers any last-minute questions you may have, for example:

    1. Where is the stopcock to turn off the water?

    2. Where are the gas and electric meters?

    3. Which company supplies the energy, broadband & home phone?

    4. Do they have any instruction manuals or warranties on electrical items included?

  2. Compare moving costs and moving quotes to find your house moving specialist, make sure you point out any fragile or oversized items during the moving survey as these may need extra care when transporting.

  3. Redirect your post to your new address.

  4. Register your new address with your driving licence, employer, bank accounts and any other organisations that require a current address.

  5. Clean your new home before moving your belongings in.

  6. Arrange any time off you may require for the move.

  7. Arrange home insurance for your new home and move insurance if needed.


On Moving Day:

When the moving day finally comes, there are a few things you will want to bear in mind to make your move a breeze.


  1. Put screws and bolts from furniture in freezer bags and stick them to the relevant bits of furniture with masking tape to keep them together.

  2. Add a label to any boxes with the name of the room they should be heading to, to save time later on down the line.

  3. Keep a bag of essentials separate from your packed belongings to save rooting through boxes for key items.

  4. If you are renting, arrange for a walkthrough with the landlord to inspect the condition of your new property.

  5. Make sure to move your furniture into the house first to avoid having to move boxes around to make room once you bring your furniture in.


Once You Arrive in Your New Home

Once you arrive in your new home, take some time to make sure your moving boxes are in the right rooms to shorten and simplify the unpacking process. As you start to unpack, try to keep an order to things in terms of immediately needed items. You should also take this time to check over your moved items to ensure they are free from damage and that they are all there, if you do notice any damage or missing items it is important you report this to your moving specialists right away so they can try to rectify the situation.

Helping First Time Movers Since 1996

At QMM World Movers, our specialist team has helped first-time buyers move home in Canada and beyond since the 90s. If you are a first time mover in Canada, perhaps moving from rented accommodation to your own home, we have a wide range of services to help make your house move simple. Our moving within Canada services include the following as standard:

  • Uniformed staff with full-service packing

  • Fragile only packing

  • Custom crating

  • Unpacking services and debris removal

  • Assembly of appliances, furniture, hot tubs and more

  • Reconnecting cables, appliances and more

  • Storage services


Contact QMM World Movers For Your First House Move

We’ve worked with home movers at every life stage to go above and beyond for every household, big or small. To find out more about how we can help you move into your new home, take a look at our moving within Canada services now and get in touch to talk to our team about your move.

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