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Moving Home in 2021 - What You Need to Know

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 31, 2021

2020 was a year of plenty of ups and downs. Now that it is over, many of us are hoping 2021 is the year when things slowly start to turn around. If you are thinking of moving home in 2021, our team of specialists is here to help every step of the way.


Whilst the global pandemic may have disrupted the world for the past year, many people are still taking the plunge and looking at moving home in 2021. We have put a number of extra precautions in place to safeguard our customers and team members and our professional movers are still helping people to move home to start their new lives. Whether you are moving within Canada during the pandemic or moving to Canada from overseas, we can help streamline your move and provide advice and guidance with every step of the way.


Should you be Moving Home in 2021?

Whilst the world continues to develop and change in reaction to the pandemic one thing you should be asking yourself is if you need to move home right now or if your move could be delayed. For example, if you are moving to Canada from abroad or moving overseas from Canada, is this move essential immediately or can it wait for a few months? If you are planning to move home in 2021 where that is moving across the country or moving to another city, there are a number of things that you will now need to consider and be aware of. With the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 virus and its effects, a number of new rules have been put in place to prevent the spread. Depending on where you are moving from, particularly those moving overseas or those moving to Canada from overseas in 2021, you may experience increased restrictions on how and when you move home.


Moving to Canada in 2021

If you are planning on moving to Canada during the pandemic from an overseas destination, you will need to abide by some strict entry requirements and be prepared to have your applications and arrival experience delays. Depending on when your 2021 Canada move takes place you may also need to complete a quarantine or isolation period upon your arrival to the country. Of course, this may mean that you will need to arrange for the collection and delivery of your household belongings around these extended dates. If you are planning on moving to Canada in 2021, it is important that you first check the Canadian government website for the most up-to-date information about restrictions and stay in touch with your move manager in order to be alert to any changes that may affect your move to Canada.


Moving Within Canada in 2021

Whilst international arrivals to Canada are heavily restricted, current guidelines mean that if you are already a resident within Canada, you should still be able to move home as long as you follow local guidelines closely. Our long-distance moving services in Canada can cater for moves of any size with our local Canada movers ready and waiting to make your 2021 move as safe and as simple as possible. 


hand sanitizer and face mask

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself When Moving During the Pandemic

Whilst moving home has been advised against until recently if you need to move home during the pandemic, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself during the process. 


  1. Sanitise all of your belongings before and after the move

  2. Practice social distancing at all times

  3. Monitor your health and your family’s health to ensure you do not have any symptoms of the virus during the move process

  4. Finish packing your belongings 24 hours before the move to avoid lasting germs on surfaces

  5. Wear face masks and gloves where needed

The most important thing to remember when moving home during the pandemic is to be aware of all local laws and guidelines and be aware that they could change with very little notice. By following the above guidelines throughout your move however, the risks of moving home will be minimised. Our team at QMM World Movers have created a brand new system of moving home to ensure all covid-precautions are taken and give you complete peace of mind throughout your move.


What Are QMM World Movers Doing to Protect Customers?

Our experienced team at QMM have put a number of steps in place to ensure minimal disruption to those moving home in 2021 with a number of added precautions to keep you safe. Our movers will adhere to all current distancing measures with frequent use of hand sanitiser throughout the shipment with the use of gloves for all team members to minimise contact. Our pre-shipping surveys will all now be carried out virtually to protect both staff and customers and crew will wear protective face coverings when collecting or delivering to high-impact areas. To find out more about the precautions we are taking to keep our customers safe, read our message to customers about Covid-19.


If you have more questions about moving home in 2021, our team of moving specialists here at QMM World Movers are here to help. Call our team now on 1.866.880.8681 or contact us online to find out more.


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