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Complete Guide to Moving to Another Province in Canada

By Quality Move Management Inc / January 22, 2024

If you are thinking of moving to another province in Canada, perhaps moving between British Columbia and Alberta or further afield to Newfoundland, our moving provinces checklist is here to help. QMM have a number of years experience moving families and individuals across Canada so we’ve put together a complete move guide to help make your relocation simple.

What Do I Need to Know When Moving Provinces?

When moving to a new province, it is important to plan ahead. Scoping out things such as schools, jobs and housing in your new province may seem obvious but are worth prioritising as soon as possible to ensure everything goes smoothly. We’ve included the key points to consider below but you can also check out our long-distance movers page for additional relocation information.

Finding a House in a New Province

Whether you are moving province as a family, on your own or with friends, finding somewhere to live should be at the top of your move planning checklist. Whilst estate agent websites are useful for imagery and pricing, you may want to arrange a trip to your new province to scout out options before the big move.


Your new Canadian province will be home to a number of neighbourhoods, each different to the next. If possible, arrange to take a trip to some neighbourhoods you are interested in to wander around the local area and get a feel for where might suit you best.


It’s important to find a home that fits you and your family’s needs both in terms of what the home offers space-wise and local amenities. 

Finding Work in a New Province

One of the most important parts of moving across provinces for working age individuals is finding employment. If your current employer has multiple bases, you may be able to transfer to a new office with minimal disruption, or you may have already been scouted for a role. If you are looking for a job in a new province, there are plenty of job listing websites offering location-specific roles as well as local listing websites for jobs.


Finding Schools & Arranging Healthcare

When moving from province to province, healthcare and education are top priorities. If you are moving as a family, take a look at what the schooling options are near to your new home. You’ll need to enroll your children in a local school and it is best to look at a few options before organising your move to find the best option for your family.

When moving to a new province, you’ll also need to apply for a new health card. As the public healthcare is administered province-to-province, it is important you apply for a new health card as soon as possible as it may take several weeks to process.

Utilities & Services

When moving home, whether you are moving two houses down or across Canada, you’ll need to transfer utilities such as gas and electricity. Transferring to a new utility provider should be relatively simple but it is important to take this step when moving home to ensure your new home is all set up for use on moving day. You’ll also need to set up internet in your new home so this should be on your list of things to do when moving to another province.


Getting Around Your New Home

Moving to a new province can offer up its own set of challenges when it comes to getting around. If you will be relying on public transport to get around your new home, it may be worth researching this before deciding on the location of your new home and before moving day. Many local areas offer transport passes to keep costs low so it may be worth taking a look at this before moving province.


Alternatively, if you will be taking your car with you when moving across Canada, will you be driving this yourself or will you need to arrange for a moving service to transport your car to a new province for you? A number of trusted Canada moving services offer vehicle transport options that also apply to motorcycles and other motorised vehicles so it is worth considering this when looking for a moving specialist.


Finding a Cross-Province Mover

Once you’ve decided on where you are moving and taken a look at your new home, you’ll need to find a cross province mover. It is important to choose your moving professional carefully to ensure they provide all of the services you will need. It is also important to review your cross-country moving quote carefully to ensure you won’t be met with any unexpected additional costs come moving day.

Legal Changes to Consider

With a new house comes a new address so part of your moving checklist should include updating any legal documents to your new address as well as updating friends, family and any services you use with your new address. It’s best to start updating your address around 2 weeks before you move to allow it to come into effect. 


As each Canadian province issues its own driver's licence, you’ll also need to apply for a new licence when you move provinces. In most Canadian provinces, you’ll have around 60-90 days to exchange your driver’s licence but it is important to check this for your specific province. It’s also worth checking your vehicle’s insurance to make sure you have the proper coverage in your new home.

Settling Into a New Area

Moving to a new area is always a big step, but moving provinces can offer even greater hurdles. For example, if you are moving to Quebec from another province, major differences such as the language and even the legal system can take some getting used to, so be sure to do your research. Local support groups are a great way to meet people and find out information when moving to a new province and most local areas will have one. A great place to start when looking for a local community group is Facebook as many groups are now online.

Get in Touch

QMM are experienced cross-province movers with a range of services to help make your relocation simple. We can help you whether you are moving from Toronto to Montreal or Whitehorse to Calgary and any other long or short-distance Canadian move. To find out more about our long-distance Canada moving services, take a look at our dedicated service page.

Alternatively, contact our team to find out more about how we can help you move to another province.

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