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Moving to Calgary; Best Communities for House Prices & Living

By Quality Move Management Inc / August 29, 2019

Calgary is Alberta's most populated city and boasts over 198 communities and 41 industrial areas, so it can be overwhelming choosing a locality when moving to Calgary. 

The good thing about living in Calgary is, it's hard to go too far wrong. Calgary house prices, and homes in Alberta, in general, have a mid-range price tag when looking at the national averages. All Calgary neighbourhoods have a distinct hub of activity, and it is relatively easy to traverse within the designated quadrants; which leads us on to…

Calgary and all of its communities are divided into quadrants - North West, North East, South West and South East. The morning commute and evening rush hour in the city can be quite a hectic experience, especially when travelling from one quadrant to another and crossing the city's bridges. When looking for homes to rent and houses for sale in Calgary, keep your search within proximity of your workplace or school, at least within the same quadrant. 

Avenues typically run east-west, and streets run north-south. When browsing Calgary homes for sale, it is easy to distinguish its quadrant as it is reflected in the street address. When you move to Calgary and experience this system first hand, it is incredibly easy to understand and navigate once you are used to the arrangement. 

So, if you are a newbie relocating to Calgary with no previous knowledge of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary (or worst), how do you decide where to live?

If feeling cramped in Alberta's most populated city is your main concern, you shouldn't worry as the city as a whole is highly dispersed. Instead of multi-storey high-rise apartment blocks, most Calgary homes are detached properties or smaller, individual buildings, giving you the sense of space you want. 

Aside from work location and a sense of personal space, influential factors such as lifestyle, age and having children will determine the ideal destination when living in Calgary. We have rounded up the best neighbourhoods to live when moving to Calgary, breaking it down per quadrant to ensure we cover all bases and personal preferences!

The Best Neighbourhoods In Calgary's SW

The south-west is the home quadrant of Downtown Calgary. As with most cities, the Calgary neighbourhoods closest to Downtown will have higher general living costs and house prices than in suburban communities. 

Downtown Calgary:

Quite naturally, we had to include Downtown on our list of the best neighbourhoods when living in Calgary. Despite the previous statement of higher living and property costs, many individuals believe the higher living costs are worth it to be in the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Downtown is populated with many of the city's young professionals, with most living between 12th Avenue and 30th Avenue. The heart of the community is located on 17th Avenue and beaming with shops, restaurants and bars. 

The Beltline:

The Beltline, also known as Calgary's Design District, is another trendy SW community. Much like Downtown, Beltline is awash with independent eateries, art galleries, contemporary home and clothing shops, plus more. Beltline is situated just north of 17th Avenue and east of 14th Street. Due to the neighbouring Downtown location, Beltline is popular with single professionals and young couples, and the average apartment price for Beltline is $621,415.

Chinook Park:

Chinook Park is the best of both worlds. Here, you can live relatively close to Downtown but far enough to benefit from lower house prices. The regular transportation links also make it quick and easy to venture to Downtown as and when you wish. The average cost of Chinook Park homes for sale is $590,000 but with some apartments and condos listed for as low as $150,000. 

Chinook Park endorses the outdoors, and its nearby location to ample recreational opportunities highlights that. Chinook Park provides easy access to many parks, hiking trails, regional bike paths, boat docks and beyond. 

Popular Calgary Neighbourhoods in NW

Arbour Lake:

Not only is Arbour Lake a favourite in North West Calgary, but it is also widely regarded as one of the best communities for living in the city as a whole. 

The average house price in Arbour Lake is $356,400, with some four-bed homes scaling high in the $ 500,000's. Rent in the community will set you back on average, $1,975 for a multi-bed house. 


Aptly named for its 10-acre lake, the stunning neighbourhood features exquisite mountain views, a hoard of parks and state-of-the-art public high schools and world-renowned educational facilities. 


The Hamptons is notorious for being one of Calgary's most affluent and sought-after areas. The Hamptons is a golf community, with pristine fairways, fresh greens and winding ravines traversing through the neighbourhood. 

The quaint community is home to approximately 7,900 residents in just short of 2,500 properties, most of which are nothing short of luxury homes. The average property price in The Hamptons is $809,685, with many shooting into the millions and some just shy of $5,000,000. If you want a taste of the high life and you have the funds to support this, The Hamptons is one of Calgary's most beautiful neighbourhoods. 

Unique Communities in Calgary's SE

South East Calgary is known as the city's industrial hub, but that doesn't mean its not a great place to live! The Southeast has cheaper living costs, especially in areas bordering the industrial spaces. Some of the best places to live in SE Calgary are:


Inglewood is one of SE Calgary's up and coming neighbourhoods. Currently undergoing a revival, Inglewood is brimming with breweries, antique shops, boutiques and quirky independent stores; all enjoyed by a young and energetic population! 

You're never short of a new joint for food or drink, and exploration is never-ending in the community. Inglewood is located on the Bow River Pathway, hosts an annual Folk Festival, a flurry of live music events, and it is simple to travel to downtown Calgary. 

The property market in Inglewood mostly consists of beautiful bungalows and original 1900's homes. Prices can range anywhere from $250,000 to more than $1,000,000, but the average balances out at $550,000.

McKenzie Lake

The suburban neighbourhood of McKenzie Lake is relatively new to the city, having been primarily built up from the mid-1980s onwards. As the name suggests, the community is centred around a private lake and island - McKenzie Lake. Lining the lake are extravagant million-dollar homes but don't worry if you are not a millionaire; you still have options. There are many one-bedroom detached houses to rent in the area, or you can find two-bedroom detached properties anywhere from $290,000. Or if your budget permits, it's easy to find a slice of luxury up to $3 million - maybe more!

Best Residential Neighbourhoods in NE Calgary

Individuals moving to Calgary often overlook the Northeast as a viable residential quadrant, but that doesn't mean to say the options aren't available. Plus, if you are specifically looking for the lowest property prices in Calgary to rent or buy, heading to Northeast might be the ideal option for you. Many young couples or first-time buyers often find themselves turning to the east for a property they can afford. Here are our two standouts Easterly communities for movers:


Saddleridge's community began in the 1970s on acreages. It wasn't until the 2000s that the urbanization of Saddleridge commenced. While much agricultural land is still present in the neighbourhood, Saddleridge is a largely urban area, and conveniently located a short distance from Calgary International Airport. 

You can purchase a property from as little as $170,000 in Saddleridge, or if the higher price tags are your thing, there are many avenues in the community offering million-dollar homes. 



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