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Moving to Canada from the USA

By Quality Move Management Inc / May 29, 2020

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for those moving from the United States every year. If you are thinking of moving to Canada from the USA, you’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of American expats who call Canada home. Whilst U.S citizens can visit Canada for up to six months, or 180 days, if you are moving to Canada for longer, there are a few things to remember.


Visa Regulations in Canada for U.S Citizens

As mentioned before, if you will be moving to Canada from the United States for longer than six months, you will need to apply for a Canadian visa. The type of visa you apply for will depend on what you will be moving to Canada for. For example, if you will be moving to Canada to study, you will require a different visa than if you are moving from the U.S to work. To apply for a Canadian visa, you must make sure that you have a valid U.S passport.



Driving in Canada as a U.S Citizen

A United States driving licence will be valid for use in driving a car in Canada for up to six months. After this point, if you are planning to drive in Canada, you will need to exchange your American licence for a Canadian driving licence. When driving in Canada, you will also need to prove that you have the correct insurance. If you are looking to move your car from the USA to Canada, you will need to ensure that it meets strict criteria including that you have owned the car for a certain amount of time before and after you move.


Working in Canada as a U.S Citizen

As an American citizen, you should be able to apply for a Canadian work permit to allow you to work legally in Canada. You can also apply to work in Canada under the Skilled Worker Programme which could lead to permanent residency. In order to apply for a Canadian work permit to work in Canada, you must be able to prove your U.S citizenship as well as prove you have an offer of employment in Canada.


Accessing Public Healthcare in Canada as an American Citizen

If you are moving with family from the U.S to Canada, accessing public healthcare may be high on your priority list. In Canada, if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you can apply for public health insurance to cover the cost or reduce the cost of most healthcare services. Each province or territory has their own health insurance plan so it is important you have the right type of insurance. Regardless of if you have a health insurance card or not, emergency healthcare will be provided free of charge. If you are moving to Canada for the first time from the United States, it may be worth purchasing private health insurance to ensure you and your family is covered should you need it before you are issued a government health insurance card.


Things to Know as a US Citizen Moving to Canada

1.     In Canada, there are two official languages, English and French. Where you live will affect which one you use more of.

2.     Multiculturalism is a massive part of Canadian life. Over 20% of Canadians are born abroad with people coming from all over the world to experience the welcoming Canadian way of life.

3.     You will need to continue filing your tax returns when moving to Canada from the US. You may also still be required to pay tax on your earnings in some cases.


Where to Live in Canada

Those moving to Canada from the United States will find 10 provinces to choose from. These are paired with three additional territories to the north, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon.


British Columbia, Canada’s most western province, is known for its mountainous interiors and cities such as Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler. It is also popular for its wine region, remote islands and whale watching. Alberta, home of the Rocky mountains is famous for its ‘cowboy’ culture and as a fantastic skiing and hiking destination with cities such as Edmonton and Calgary being well known. Each of Canada’s provinces offers a unique culture and completely new sights, something you will discover when moving from the United States to Canada. Some of the top places to live in Canada are included below:

-       Toronto

-       Calgary

-       Vancouver

-       Ottawa

-       Montréal

-       Trois-Rivieres

-       Burlington


Planning your move to Canada from the United States? If you are thinking of moving furniture from the USA to Canada, choose a cross-border removals service you can trust. Get in touch with the team here at QMM for answers to all of your questions and a dedicated move coordinator who will make your move to Canada from the U.S a breeze. We haul over eight million pounds of cross-border tonnage every year so you can be confident we have the experience needed to ensure a smooth moving process.

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