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Moving from Toronto to Calgary

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 17, 2021

Whatever your plans this year, if you are thinking of moving from Toronto to Calgary, our long-distance Canada moving services are here to help. Our Ontario to Alberta movers can provide a wealth of services to ensure a simple and hassle-free move whether you are moving from Toronto to Calgary with children, moving office or simply moving to Calgary as a single person for work.

Thinking of Moving from Toronto to Calgary?

The cosmopolitan Calgary is a hot spot for those looking for city living without the sky-high costs of living in Toronto. As the largest city in Alberta is is home to more than 1.3 million people. Our moving professionals have helped countless families and individuals move across Canada. If you are thinking of moving from Toronto to Calgary cross-country, there are one or two things you should prepare for. Our guide pulls together everything you need to know about moving across Canada from Toronto to Calgary. 


What to Expect When Moving from Toronto to Calgary

As the Canadian city with the most days of sunshine in a year, Calgary is known for its good weather which is often a selling point for those moving to Calgary from Toronto. Those looking for a truly one-of-a-kind culture also often revel in the iconic atmosphere of the so-called ‘cow town’ of western Canada. From the July rodeo to the remaining hints of western culture, those moving to Calgary from Toronto will find plenty to entertain in one of the world’s most liveable cities.


Another draw for those moving from Toronto to Calgary is the clean streets (some of the cleanest in the world), excellent recycling programmes and good transport networks which remain affordable. Many construction, engineering, agriculture, high-tech, energy and oil companies have bases in Calgary with a number of the city’s highly-qualified workforce working in the energy industry. With a lower sales tax and lower cost of living across the board, those looking to move from Toronto to Calgary often find it an extremely affordable move compared to the Toronto living costs they may have experienced in ‘Hogtown’.



What is There to Do in Calgary?

Whilst those used to the hustle and bustle of Toronto may expect to struggle to find things to do in their new home of Calgary, there are plenty of pastimes to enjoy in this Alberta city. Sat at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is ideal for those looking to get out and about in the great outdoors with the Canada Olympic Park on your doorstep and 20,000 acres of parkland to enjoy. As the gateway to the Rockies, skiing and the Instagram-famous Banff are just a short drive away for those looking for breathtaking natural sights.


Calgary is also home to an abundance of events year-round that are fantastic for both families and individuals alike. The Calgary Stampede, billed as the greatest outdoor show on earth, offers a more unique cultural sight with an endless array of rodeo-themed events to enjoy. Heritage Park, Canada’s largest living history experience, Calgary Zoo and a wealth of other attractions both indoor and out mean your downtime won’t ever be boring.


Top Tips When Moving from Toronto to Calgary

QMM World Movers are experts at getting you from A to B and have seen every type of move possible over the years. Here are some of our top tips when moving home from Toronto to Calgary we’ve collected over the years.


  1. Decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. Expensive furniture and items of sentimental value may be worth taking with you but many items can be found upon your arrival in Calgary so think about whether it is worth taking or leaving them.

  2. Are you renting in your current home? Make sure you order an end of tenancy cleaning for your home in Toronto to ensure you don’t get stuck with any charges upon your move to Calgary.

  3. Ensure you have plenty of face masks, sanitiser and cleaning supplies to ensure your belongings are thoroughly cleaned before your move to Calgary and all current pandemic regulations are followed to the letter.

  4. Check out your new local area before moving to see what your new home in Calgary will be like. This provides the perfect opportunity to find good local schools, nearby shops and services before you arrive in your new home.

  5. Consider Calgary storage services. If you have a delay between moving out of your home in Toronto and moving into your new home in Calgary, you may need to organise storage for your household items before moving them into your new home.

  6. Plan around the time of year and any local events. Moving to Calgary in July may seem ideal, for example, until you encounter the increased traffic and road closures the Calgary Stampede brings to town.

Moving Services from Toronto to Calgary

Here at QMM, we supply a range of long-distance moving services to help you move from Toronto to Calgary with ease. Our long-distance Canada moving services include everything from packing services to storage services across Canada along with a fully-trained team of friendly and professional movers to help your move to Calgary get off to a flying start.


If you are thinking of moving from Toronto to Calgary and looking for a trusted long-distance moving company to make moving a breeze, contact the team here at QMM World Movers for a range of professional Canada moving services. Call 1.866.880.8681 or contact us online now to talk to our team.

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