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Our Tips for Moving From Canada to the U.S.A

By Quality Move Management Inc / February 27, 2020

Moving across the border from Canada to the USA can be a big step. Whether you are moving from Ontario to Oregon, British Columbia to North Carolina, QMM's cross-border movers are here to help you every step of the way. Here are some of our top tips for moving from Canada to the USA, with everything you need to know when relocating from Canada to the United States.


Check Whether you are Required to Pay a Departure Tax

Canadians wanting to move to the USA or anywhere else abroad who are ceasing to be Canadian residents for tax purposes may be charged a departure tax. This does not apply in all cases so it is worth checking if you are required to pay on your assets.


Choose Which US State you Would Like to Move to

One of our top tips for moving to the United States from Canada is to choose where you will be living. Different American states have vastly different climates and cultures. The weather in Maine, for example, can get reasonably cold and snowy during the winter. Somewhere like Lousiana however, has a much warmer climate year-round with short winters, so it is worth bearing this in mind when deciding where in the USA to live when moving from Canada.


Some USA laws also vary by state, so it is worth considering this if it is something you feel strongly about. For example, in Alaska, you are not required to hold a permit to bear firearms. In states such as California however, you will require a permit and may be given a background check.


Check your USA Visa Status

Although Canadians do not need a Visa to visit the United States, if you are planning on living or working in the USA you will need to apply for the correct Visa. You must declare that you will be living and working in the US as a Canadian to avoid prosecution and a potential ban.


Open a Local Bank Account in the USA

Accessing your funds is so much easier if you bank locally in the US. Open a local bank account to deposit your US paychecks in for ease as one of the first things you do as part of moving to the USA as a Canadian. Having a US bank account can also help you to access other services as many companies accept a bank statement as partial proof of residency.


Move to the USA With a Removals Service you Can Trust

When moving to America from Canada, it is important to choose a cross-border removals service with years of experience to ensure a smooth transition. QMM haul over 8 million pounds of cross-border tonnage each and every year so have a lot of experience when it comes to moving from Canada to the US and vice verse.


Our dedicated move coordinators work closely with you and will provide all the paperwork you need to move from Canada to the US. This ensures you always have a knowledgable point of contact during the cross-border removals process.


Find out more about our cross-border moves to the USA from Canada here and get a FREE quote now.

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