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What to Consider When Picking a Moving Company

By Quality Move Management Inc / April 16, 2020

When picking a moving company for your local, cross-border or international move, it is important to consider a few key things. Choosing the right moving company for you can mean a smooth, hassle-free house move rather than one peppered with mistakes and extra costs. Read on for our guide on what to consider when picking a moving guide.


Moving Company Costs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a moving company is the cost. With any enterprise, cost is an important factor. When moving to another state or moving overseas, be sure to find the most cost-effective moving service for your needs.

An important factor to consider when estimating moving costs is to ensure that the moving service you choose provides an all-inclusive cost. Some cheap moving companies provide a very low upfront cost but add on costs later on down the line making your moving price a lot more expensive than when it started. Choosing a moving service that includes all of the costs of your move avoids this, meaning you can set your move budget with no unexpected surprises.


Picking an Experienced Moving Company

When choosing a moving company for your interstate, local or international move, it is important to choose an experienced moving company. Does the moving service you are considering have experience moving to your chosen country or destination? If not, they may be unfamiliar with country-specific guidelines or processes that may hold up your move or add additional expense during the customs control process. Premium movers such as QMM have years of experience shipping overseas to countries across the world as well as providing a quality local Canadian moving service so provide a confident move every step of the way.


Moving Company Reviews

Word of mouth and happy customers are often a sign of a quality moving company. when picking a moving service it is important to look at any reviews a moving company might have from past customers to ensure you are choosing a reputable moving company. Word of mouth and online reviews are both good places to check out a moving service's reputation for good service.


Choosing a Licenced Moving Company

If a company provides a legitimate home moving service they will usually hold a licence from a trusted removalists body. These organisations monitor and evaluate moving companies to ensure they are providing a quality and skilled service as well as providing top-quality service for employees of those moving companies.

QMM, for example, holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as well as being a member of CAM, CERC, the International Association of Movers, The British Columbia Trucking Association and FIDI, the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies. This allows us to reassure our customers of a highly-regulated and trustworthy moving service that will transport your precious belongings from A to B without a problem.


Choosing a Reliable Moving company

When moving home for the first or even tenth time, you want to be sure that the moving service you are using can be trusted to get the job done. Our core values speak volumes about our commitment to providing the best service for you and, with years worth of experience moving the homes of endless happy customers, we are confident of our ability to move your home securely.


Moving Insurance

No matter how skilled and experienced a company may be, there is always the chance of something happening during your home removal process. During your home move, it is important to have peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, you are completely covered. If your home moving specialist does not provide any insurance for your move, it is important to take out your own cover. Here at QMM, we provide basic liability protection free of charge to all of our moving clients to allow you to relax during your move. If you should need it, we also offer comprehensive valuation protection to cover any damage or loss during transit. When choosing the right moving company for you, it is important you check if they provide this type of cover as standard or whether you will need to take out insurance externally.


Does the Moving Service Fit Your Needs?

when planning your home move you should be considering what services you will need during the course of your move. For example, will you need a packing service? Do you need to transport a vehicle? Will you need unpacking services or an office set up in your final destination?


Each of these things should be considered when choosing your home moving specialist. It is important to decide whether your chosen moving service provides these services before you decide on your provider to ensure they provide all of the services you need to avoid paying out for an additional moving service later on down the line. If you are moving overseas, this will become an essential part of your moving process as you will likely need to provide various documents to transport your belongings, an experienced international moving service should be able to provide guidance on what you will need to supply.


Whether you are moving down the road or across the world, finding a moving company you can trust makes all the difference in providing a hassle-free move that sticks to your budget. QMM have been moving families, businesses and more for years and know how to get the job done. Get in touch now to find out more about how we can help you move home.

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