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Restricted Items

Some articles are not accepted for shipping due to government regulations prohibiting the transportation of certain items. Please review our list of inadmissible items below:


Including matches, lighter fluid, batteries, fondue fuel, charcoal, aerosol cans, BBQ propane tanks, pressurized diving tanks.


including corrosives, dangerous chemicals, paint, barstool, paint thinner.


Including any type of firecracker or similar explosive, ammunition, re-charger kits to make ammunition.
Firearms are governed by special regulations as follows:

  • We are not permitted to pack or transport revolvers or restricted weapons of any kind unless you have written permission from the RCMP.
  • You must have documented evidence from the RCMP that the restricted weapon(s) are in fact registered with the authorities (must show make, model and serial numbers), and also have written permission to ship only from origin residence to new destination.
  • Ask your Move Coordinator for full details, including special packing and transportation procedures, regarding firearms.

There are some Items for which we cannot accept responsibility, as follows:


Please ensure that all valuables are taken privately (stocks, bonds, coin collections, stamp collections, financial statements, deeds, jewelry, furs etc.). These items are not covered under Allied's insurance policy.

Frozen Food

Freezers will not be connected to power during your move, so we prohibit the shipping of frozen food. Ensure that your freezer is clean and dry for shipping.

Food (other)

Importation of food is subject to customs regulations. Please visit the following website​ or ask your Move Coordinator for more information.

Firearms and/or ammunition

For safety and regulated reasons, there are restrictions on guns and/or ammunition. Please take these with you personally whenever possible or otherwise discuss each firearm with your Move Coordinator. If traveling cross border, please check with Customs prior to arriving for customs clearance for forms and registration needed on all weapons.


We are unable to ship live animals. If you have any questions or concerns on how to ship your animal, please consult your Move Coordinator for tips.

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