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Sending Luggage Overseas - Our International Baggage Service

By Quality Move Management Inc / September 7, 2020

Moving abroad, whether for a short or long time is always a big step. From transporting your worldly belongings to organising a long list of forms and applications that need to be sent off, there is a seemingly endless line of tasks to be completed before you start your new life overseas. If you are moving abroad permanently, or perhaps taking an extended stay overseas, the amount of luggage and personal belongings you may need might start to build up. If you are thinking of sending your luggage overseas, our suitcase shipping service could be just the ticket to help ensure you have everything you need when moving abroad, exactly when you need it.


Why Use an International Baggage Service

Anyone moving abroad will know the problem. You pack up all of your worldly belongings into an international shipment ready to start your new life overseas. On arriving at your new home you are suddenly faced with a mountain of boxes to sift through and all you fancy is a thick jumper to get you through the first few nights. Shipping luggage overseas to coincide with your arrival is the perfect way to ensure you have all of your essentials ready and accessible upon arrival, without having to figure out which of the many labelled boxes your favourite shirt is in.


Sending luggage overseas is particularly useful for families to make sure the kids have everything they want and need upon arrival to ease moving tensions. Having a few important belongings ready and separate from the bulk of your move can instantly make your new home more homely. For those studying abroad or taking a shorter trip, international baggage shipping can be a godsend when faced with meteoric airline costs for oversized or overweight baggage, particularly if you are returning from a trip abroad with a whole year’s worth of memories to fit in.


What Does an International Luggage Service Include?

Whilst there may be many second-rate luggage shipping services offering hard-to-believe prices, it is extremely important that you choose a service you trust to move your bags abroad and ideally one that includes everything you need to get your belongings where they need to be safely and on time. When shipping luggage overseas you should check that your international luggage service includes the following things, all included as part of our QMM luggage shipping service. 


  • Door to door service, to ease the moving process

  • Quality packing material for self-packing or...

  • A professional packing service to pack delicate items*

  • Shipping & destination customs requirement guidance

  • Comprehensive coverage and convenient payment options for a simple moving process


*Professional packing service is an additional cost for international luggage shipping


Above all things, when sending your luggage abroad from Canada, you should be certain that it is with a company you can trust. For peace of mind, ensure you send your suitcase with a company with a number of years experience in international shipping who will be able to guide you on everything you need to know about customs and importing rules in the country you will be moving to or staying in. Full coverage is also recommended when sending a suitcase abroad from Canada to anywhere in the world to cover any eventuality that might occur.


Why Use QMM’s International Baggage Service

Here at QMM, we take pride in ensuring that every bag or suitcase we ship overseas makes it to its chosen destination securely and in one piece. We have been shipping belongings overseas safely and quickly for a number of years and hold a renowned place as one of the best low-cost international baggage services in Canada. With seamless customer service, in-depth knowledge of customs requirements for countries around the globe and quality in-house services, we will make your international luggage shipment hassle-free with some of the cheapest ways to send luggage overseas around. Our fully comprehensive cover and wealth of suitcase shipping options ensure a smooth service every time for complete peace of mind knowing your belongings are always exactly where they are supposed to be.


Looking for More Information on Sending your Luggage Abroad?

We’ve been sending bags and boxes abroad for several years with countless happy customers. If you are looking to send a bag, suitcase or box abroad from Canada, find out more about our overseas luggage service by visiting the web page here. Alternatively, get in touch with our team for more information online, or by calling 1.866.880.8681.

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