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Small Moves Toronto: What To Expect

By Quality Move Management Inc / October 17, 2023

If you are moving home in the Toronto area but only have a few belongings or only want to move a few rooms, it can sometimes seem a bit overkill to call in local movers. However, small moves in Toronto can often be as complicated as larger moves. If you are looking for help moving from A to B in the Toronto area with a small moves service, our team is here to help. We have experience in relocations of all shapes and sizes and understand the unique challenges small moves in Toronto pose.


What is a Small Move?

With all of the different types of Toronto moves available, what exactly is a small move? A small move is typically a move that is smaller than a standard house. So, for example, a small move in Toronto could include a Toronto apartment move, a single room move or a move that involves downsizing, for example for those who are retiring.


Usually, small moves in Toronto don’t require a full moving van and can often be conducted using just a shuttle van or as part of a shared load in a larger van. Small moves are a great option for occasions such as clearing out an old family property, transporting heavy items or transporting valuable artwork in Toronto. If you need to move delicate items or antiques in the city, small moves can also help transport your belongings with care to avoid any mishaps.


Apartment Moves in Toronto

Moving apartments in Toronto may be smaller than a full house move but there are still plenty of things to consider. If you are thinking of moving apartment in Toronto and are unsure about whether to hire a local Toronto moving specialist, a man with a van or ask your friends for help, choosing a move specialist could help simplify the process. Our Toronto apartment movers can help make sure your apartment is packed away with minimal mess ready for the next tenants to keep your landlord happy. We’ll then transport your small move to your new apartment, condo or house ready to start your new life in your new home.


Downsizing in Toronto

Are you downsizing in Toronto or the wider Toronto area and need to move just a few belongings to your new home? Perhaps you are retiring and moving to a smaller Toronto property or moving in with family and are not taking a full household of belongings with you for the move? Our Toronto downsizing experts are here to help with dedicated moving specialists who carefully package your belongings, transporting them to your new home when you are ready. As part of our downsizing services, we also provide storage options which can be a lifesaver when deciding what belongings to keep and which to get rid of.


Moving Into University Accommodation in Toronto

If you are moving in or out of university accommodation in Toronto or the wider Toronto area, small moves can be ideal. You’ll be able to collect your few boxes and belongings and have your boxes shipped to your home address or new university accommodation. Using QMM’s small move service in Toronto can help make the move to or from university slightly less stressful as you’ll know everything is taken care of and your belongings will arrive on time and in one piece.


Where in Toronto Can I Get Small Moves to?

QMM can help you move to or from anywhere in the Toronto area and beyond. We provide small moves in Barrie, Etobicoke small moves, Mississauga small moves and more. If you live in the wider Toronto area or are thinking of moving belongings in the Toronto area, we have a service to help. If you are based in Toronto but would like to move your belongings long distance, within Canada or internationally, we can also help. If you are relocating overseas for work or to another region in Canada, our apartment moving services and small move services in Toronto are ideal.


Why Call in the Experts for a Small Move?

Whilst you may be wondering if a moving service is really necessary for a small move in the Toronto area, it can save a lot of time and effort. Even if you only want to move a few boxes, our team can pack, transport and unpack your belongings in no time, without having to call in favours from friends or family or hope something doesn’t get damaged during the move. If you are moving one or two pieces of furniture such as moving a piano across Toronto, the specialist equipment available to our movers can make the move a breeze.


Using a Toronto-based moving service means you also have access to a whole host of other moving services such as box packing and storage services. This means that if you are not quite ready for your belongings in your new home or are only moving some items to your new home, you can still keep them safe and secure with access to them at a later date. If you are moving delicate items in Toronto such as antiques, artwork or fragile objects, we can provide custom crating and specialist packing services to protect your items and avoid damage.


Contact QMM for Small Moves in Toronto

QMM provides a whole host of premium moving services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. We can help transport your belongings no matter what size your move and give you peace of mind knowing everything is safe and will arrive on time. To find out more about our moving services in Toronto, take a look at our service page or contact our team to find out more.

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