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Trusted Moving and Storage Services from QMM

By Quality Move Management Inc / April 15, 2021

Are you moving home and looking for new storage solutions? Are you looking for indoor boat storage in Calgary for the next season? Or are you considering vehicle storage options in Vancouver? As a moving and storage company with locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, we can offer an elevated experience to the traditional self-storage model. 

QMM’s Storage Locations

Each of our locations in Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton and Delta are equipped with carefully climate-controlled environments, and feature palletized storage rather than the traditional storage unit style of temporary storage. We find this works well for household goods, vehicles, boats and other bulky items as it allows maximum consolidation of like-sized items together in one space. By using this model, our professional movers can load your things into the storage containers in the most efficient and secure manner possible. 

Full-Service Moving & Storage

Rather than looking for individual storage units, our secure moving and storage facilities can offer a more convenient space for your belongings. Our crews can come to your home, pack and load your goods and bring them back to our palletized storage location. Once you have secured a new residence, we will load your items back up and deliver them to your new home. By combining your moving and storage needs, you can be certain that your goods are being handled as few times as possible, and by professional movers! 

Self-storage in Calgary

Our Calgary location is currently offering a cost-effective alternative to self-storage that allows customers to store their goods where the professionals do at a discounted rate. This storage model offers a u-load and unload model; you bring your goods to our warehouse and load them into the storage pallets, and we store them. Once you are ready to receive your goods, we will make them accessible at our warehouse for you to load. This storage option is ideal for people who are staging their homes or require temporary storage of seasonal items. We can make arrangements for recreational vehicles as well. 

Choosing a professional moving and storage company to house your personal goods when you do not need them is the best storage solution you can find. Whether for two months or two years, we can offer storage solutions for every level of service and budget. 

Are you interested to know how much this moving company charges for storage? Please contact us at or online for more info.

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