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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle shipping is easy with Quality Move Management regardless if you want to ship your car within, to or from Canada. We have many years of experience in shipping vehicles under our belts so our customers are always confident in our safe and secure services.

In addition to cars, we are well versed in the processes of importing vehicles such as motor homes, caravans, jet skis, boats and motorbikes.

Shipping A Car Within Canada

QMM can transport a car in a household goods van or on an automobile transporter. Shipping your vehicle on an automobile transporter is not only the most economical method of vehicle shipping but also the safest.

Our car shipping costs are dependent on how quickly you need to have your vehicle delivered, the distance you want your vehicle to travel and also how much coverage needs to be placed on the auto.

We offer competitive rates for worldwide locations and can cater to your needs whether you are looking to import a vehicle into Canada, cross-country car shipping within Canada or even if you need international car shipping services out of the country.

Selecting a vehicle shipping company that will make the process simple is very important, we do exactly that. When you chose QMM for transporting a car, we load the vehicle at your residence and have it delivered directly to your new home. In some cases, car shipments are consolidated and may need to be dropped off and picked up at predetermined locations; however we will always make sure this is the most convenient spot for you. 

What’s more, we will assist with any vehicle import regulations, customs clearances and other formalities that can be somewhat daunting without adequate experience.

There are a number of steps to complete in preparing your vehicle for shipping or transportation and then detailed report on the condition of your vehicle can take place. You can find out more about this process and what you need to do in our vehicle shipping checklist.

Your move coordinator will discuss the available car transportation options with you in greater detail and answer any questions you have, so get your free vehicle shipping quote today and see how QMM can help.

Click here to download our Vehicle Shipping Checklist
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