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What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada?

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 27, 2018

Canada - a country with inexhaustible natural beauty, the warmest, most hospitable natives and impeccable cities, towns and villages to suit all lifestyles. 

The country has access to some of the world’s leading healthcare, first-class education and boasts a diverse economy that creates a manifold of enviable jobs in Canada.

With this being said, it is clear to see why moving to Canada is desire of many.

The Canadian economy consists of a number of key industries that tends to vary from province-to-province. However, there are a few sectors that dominate across the country, such as Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture and the Service sector.

When combined, they are responsible for the majority of the job opportunities in Canada and individuals moving to Canada from USA might just find themselves working within these industries.

Canada immigration doesn’t always necessitate having a job prior to your arrival, although it is well advised that when you emigrate to Canada, you do so with a job lined up for your own personal and financial security.

Where you are entering the country as a skilled worker, a sponsorship or as a student, there are a number of in-demand careers that are consistently on the hunt to hire fresh employees.

If you are moving to the Canada from the USA, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, here are a SMALL handful of nationwide in-demand careers that will probably be hunting for somebody just like you, with your skills!

Registered Nurse

If you are making the pilgrimage to work in Canada as a registered nurse, you are in luck!

Registered nurses are in extremely high-demand in all Canadian provinces and territories, so much so that if you are migrating to Canada from the USA as a nurse, you will be able to apply for a fast-track federal skilled worker visa.

Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories offer the highest salaries for registered nurses, but the salary band across the country ranges from $44,686 to $86,000, where you sit in this band is dependent on your position and the experience and education that you have.

With baby-boomers and an aging population, the healthcare industry constantly has to expand, improve and flourish to keep up with demand. If you have been thinking of a cross-border move to Canada but have doubted whether your nursing skills are needed, start applying for your visa today!


Regardless of what business, how many employees, what industry and where it is based, all businesses need to submit taxes and have highly-organized management of their finances, which is why accountants are currently so hot in Canada!

As an accountant, you have the freedom to work privately, as a member of accountancy firm or in-house. Chartered Professional Accountants are the chiefs this year, with increasing numbers of positions opening up looking for accountants at this level.

It is all but guaranteed you will receive an attractive salary as an accountant, regardless of the stage of your career that you are at, but CPA’s can earn an annual salary of up to $200,000 and the midrange positions paying around $75,000.

If you are dreaming of moving to Canada with industry-recognized accountancy qualifications and experiences, don’t sleep on it, start making your move today!

Engineering Project Manager

Engineering and construction are key contributors to the Canadian economy and thus the need for engineers and construction workers - including engineering project managers - is rife.

In addition to countless privately funded projects, the government have recently begun injecting a great deal of funding to infrastructure and housing throughout the country, instantly increasing the demand for experienced engineering project managers.

New projects are popping up across all territories, so if you are moving to Canada from the USA, as an engineering project manager, you will find a plethora of opportunities for jobs in Calgary, Montreal, and Saskatoon, jobs in Edmonton, Toronto and beyond!

…and did we mention a highly attractive salary of between $74,000 and $92,000 on average?

General Labourer

Based on findings by Randstad, general labourers were the most needed Canadian workers throughout 2017 and that is set to carry right through the year. This could be due to the fact Canadian economy is largely built on the manufacturing sector.

General labourers are there to complete a very broad variety of tasks that overall, contribute significantly to the running of a business. This could be handy work, physical labour, delivering materials, assisting with scaffolding, cleaning and everything in-between.

Depending on your skill level and the company you work for, general labourers in Canada can earn anything from $15 and $19 per hour. 

If you are a jack-of-all-trades and moving from America to work in Canada, there is a very promising chance you will be soon be snapped up by an employer for your general labourer experience.

Aerospace Engineer

The Canadian aerospace manufacturing industry employs over 70 percent of all aerospace engineers and this sector is due to see considerable growth throughout 2018, putting aerospace engineers in one of the most sought after positions.

Although it is classed as in-demand, aerospace engineer is still a fairly niche field, so location is crucial. If you are moving from the USA to Canada for said position, it is best to centre your search on Ontario, Quebec and British Colombia where you will find the most positions.

A career as an aerospace engineer earns a healthy wage, on average this is $43 per hour making a very fruitful annual salary!

If you are hoping to emigrate to Canada but you can’t see your career path on this list, don’t be disheartened. This was an insight into a small handful of some in-demand careers that could allow you to qualify for a fast-track skilled workers visa. The true list is significantly longer and job opportunities in Canada are far and wide.

QMM has a team of specialized cross-border movers who have expert levels of experience in helping to move families, individuals and their belongings from America to Canada, and vice versa.

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