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What Is So Special About Vancouver Island?

By Quality Move Management Inc / July 4, 2022

Situated off Canada's Pacific coast, just west of Vancouver BC, you'll find the adventurer's paradise that is Vancouver Island. With more than 500 communities and 120 provincial parks, Vancouver Island is the largest island along the west coasts of the Americas. Living on Vancouver Island presents endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, wildlife spotting (just imagine whale watching in Campbell River), and enjoying a combination of rural and urban lifestyles. This natural oasis boasts coastal rainforests and ocean ecosystems that make Vancouver Island one of the most beautiful places to live in Canada. 

Anyone who visits any of the stunning locations found on Vancouver Island will agree it's a destination worth spending a few days soaking in all that it has to offer. But when it comes to moving to Vancouver Island, there are a few things worth taking into consideration. As professional movers in Canada, we’ve had decades of experience with local moves and moving between provinces in Canada. So whether you’re thinking about moving to Vancouver Island from Ontario or perhaps from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, here are a few things worth thinking about.


Is Moving to Vancouver Island a Good Idea?

Known for its mild climate when compared to other regions of Canada, Vancouver Island is perfect for anyone who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle. You’ll never be short of things to do on Vancouver Island. The island is 283 miles long and 62 miles wide and combines its rugged, untamed wilderness with the busy bustle of cosmopolitan cities. With its stunning parklands, rich indigenous history, mountain ranges, magnificent lakes and waterholes, Vancouver Island’s mystical attraction is undeniable.


If you’re thinking about moving to Vancouver Island, you’re not alone. According to the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA), 89,000 people moved to Vancouver Island between 2014 and 2021. A recent report shows that the mid-island city of Nanaimo experienced a 10% growth in population in the last census, with indications predicting continued growth over the next 2 decades.  With the population of 25 - 44-year-olds projected to outnumber the population of people aged 65+ for the first time, these figures are a good indication that many people think it is a good idea to move to Vancouver Island.



Where is the most affordable place to live on Vancouver Island?

When it comes to the cost of living, life on Vancouver Island can be similar to other places in BC. But overall you’ll find some differences when making comparisons to other provinces in Canada. For example, if you were moving from Toronto to Victoria BC, you may find the cost of renting an apartment or buying a property to be cheaper in Victoria when compared to Toronto. However, the cost of living varies across the Island. 
This cost of living calculator can help highlight some of the most affordable places to live on Vancouver Island, but here we have listed 3 of those locations:




Nanaimo BC is popular for its central location, the abundance of recreational activities, its friendly atmosphere as well as its affordability. The demand for movers in Nanaimo is on the rise as more and more families and individuals choose to relocate there for a better quality of life. 

Port Alberni

If you prefer a mixture of urban living and a rural lifestyle, then moving to Port Alberni might be for you. With a recent increase in affordable rental properties being built in the area, Port Alberni BC is one of the least expensive places to live on Vancouver Island. This city is located on the west coast of the island and is home to Cathedral Grove in the Macmillan Provincial Park. Port Alberni is also known as the World’s Fishing Network’s - Ultimate Fishing Town and is famous for its commercial fishing. 


Duncan BC

With a population of just over 5000, Duncan has a small-town charm with a combination of urban and rural amenities. It has a great local community spirit and is known as a great place for raising families. This city is also the smallest city by area in Canada, so moving to Duncan BC would be the ideal choice for people seeking a life away from big city living. Duncan BC boasts a hospital and university and has affordable housing making it a desirable place to live on Vancouver Island.





Is Vancouver Island a Good Place to Retire?

As a location with truly something for everyone, Vancouver Island is also a popular destination for retirement.  In Qualicum Beach, the inhabitants aged between 65 and 69 make up the majority of the population, giving this small seaside town the title of having the oldest population in Canada. On the coast of the Saanich Peninsula, you’ll find Sidney BC, which boasts the highest proportion of seniors in the Greater Victoria area. With over 35% of the population being of retirement age, its proximity to medical services and premium golfing courses,  when it comes to finding the best place to retire on Vancouver Island, many people find everything they need for a comfortable retirement in Sidney BC.


If you’re thinking about retiring on Vancouver Island, here are a few other popular locations:

  • Comox Valley
  • Victoria 
  • Langford
  • Nanoose Bay


Moving to Vancouver Island

If you like the sound of island living and you think moving to Vancouver Island is for you, then the complete moving services provided by QMM can help. We are experienced Vancouver Island movers who will assist you with every step of your Canadian relocation. When you’re ready to start moving house, we will make your move to Vancouver Island simple and stress-free.
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