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What to Expect When Moving to Toronto

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 9, 2020

Moving home can be a big experience when you are moving to Toronto. Whether you are moving from Montreal to Toronto, moving from Calgary to Toronto, from anywhere else in Canada or even beyond that, you can be sure of a warm welcome. Toronto, Canada's largest city is a whirlwind of art, food and a cosmopolitan sense of living. Read on for what to expect when moving to Toronto.


Why Should I Move to Toronto?

Toronto is a fantastic city for those moving both internationally and within Canada. Full of a refreshing diversity, you can expect a vibrant way of life and a fast-paced environment when moving to Toronto. As the capital of Ontario, province, Toronto is home to a unique cityscape including the iconic CN Tower where you can look out over incredible views of the Toronto skyline or dine in the 360 Restaurant.


If you are moving to Toronto to work, you will find a thriving business centre, particularly for the arts, tech, media and culture industries. The crime rate in Toronto is also incredibly low for a city of its massive size and a downtown-based airport make travel for those living in Toronto a breeze.


Weather in Toronto

Toronto benefits from brilliant warm summers and cold winters. With Ontario's continental climate, the coldest month tends to be January whilst July is usually the warmest. Toronto's position on Lake Ontario means that its weather is directed by climate surrounding it. This means that summers may be cooler than other parts of the state whilst winters stay milder. However, there is usually snow during winter months and temperatures can dip to low temperatures.


Multi-Cultural Living in Toronto

Around half of Toronto's population is born outside of Canada and this makes for an incredible patchwork of cultures and nationalities. Moving to Toronto is a foodies paradise with restaurants and cafés offering every imaginable dish from around the world. Ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, moving to Toronto is extremely popular for those looking to move internationally to Canada. With such a vibrant mix of nationalities, there are plenty of cultural events to get involved with year-round. From the continent's largest street festival, Caribana, in August, to Nuit Blanche, an annual all-night arts festival, those moving to Toronto will find a large calendar of events for every interest. 


Cost of Living in Toronto

Whilst Toronto may be more expensive than other places in Canada due to its big-city vibe, on average, the cost of living in Toronto is much less than other large cities worldwide. Grocery costs are similar to those in Vancouver whilst some other living costs are slightly lower. Although the cost of living is high by Canadian standards, the nightlife, shopping and eating options more than make up for this leading to Toronto being touted as the 'Canadian Version of New York'.


Getting Around Toronto

When living in Toronto, many people choose to use the public transport system rather than compete with the traffic and pay large fees to park their cars in the city. The public transport is fantastic in Toronto so many people moving to Toronto find it extremely easy to get around. You can purchase a daily, weekly or monthly pass to cover your bus, subway, streetcar and train transport when you move to Toronto for a relatively low price. Alternatively, Toronto benefits from a wide range of well-maintained cycle lanes so if you live close enough to your workplace, biking to work, or cycling around Toronto is a good, cost-effective option.


If you are moving to Toronto from elsewhere in Canada, you will need to apply for an Ontario driving licence. If you are moving from outside of Canada, you will need to check if you will need to retake your driving test to obtain an Ontario driving licence when moving to Toronto.


Top 10 Things to Do in Toronto

From the largest underground shopping complex in the world, to free ice skating rinks across the city in the winter, there are plenty of things to occupy those moving to Toronto for the first time. Whilst there are endless things to do in Toronto, these are some of our favourite ways to pass the time in Canada's largest city.


  1. Explore the Harbourfront and relax under the fantastic Toronto Music Garden

  2. Dine in the CN's 360 Restaurant and check out the views from the observation deck

  3. Visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada with over 20,000 aquatic animals to see

  4. Wander the historic Distillery District, formerly home to the largest distillery in the world

  5. Sample the tasty treats of St. Lawrence Market

  6. Watch the National Ballet of Canada

  7. Discover the hidden gems of the Royal Ontario Museum

  8. Visit the rich and varied Toronto Islands

  9. Take a walk through Toronto's High Park

  10. Marvel at the Gothic Revival-style mansion of Casa Loma in mid-town


Where Do you Move to in Toronto?

Our moving services to Toronto cover the following key areas within Toronto. Click the links to find out more.


We help thousands of people move to Toronto every year from across the world. With full-service packing and removals to Toronto, we make moving to Toronto hassle-free. Why not get in touch for a free quote now or call us on 1.866.880.8681 to discuss your move to Toronto. Click here to find out more about our moving to Toronto services.


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