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What to Expect When Moving to Vancouver

By Quality Move Management Inc / March 27, 2020

Those moving to Vancouver will find a British Columbia city bursting at the seams with diverse sights and landscapes dominated by spectacular mountains. A popular filming spot, living in Vancouver offers a reasonable cost of living compared to Toronto and is known for its arts and music scenes. Read on for our guide on moving to Vancouver, Canada.


Living in Vancouver

Moving to Vancouver is ideal for those who love nature but don't want to miss out on city living. As one of the top destinations for migrants moving to Canada, Vancouver offers a wealth of benefits from its clean streets to its incredible coastline. If you are thinking of moving to Vancouver to live, you'll find high-quality living and friendly neighbourhoods ready to welcome you into their communities. The weather in Vancouver is also some of the mildest in Canada and is known for having the best climate in the country with heavy snowfall rare during the winter months.


Those moving to Vancouver as a family will find a fantastic education system. Living in Vancouver offers brilliant public and private schools as well as some world-class universities. There are also plenty out indoor and outdoor attractions to keep families of all ages entertained with a number of spectacular parks nearby.


Where to Live in Vancouver

With a high standard of living and plenty of housing options to choose from, wherever you choose to live in Vancouver will give you access to all of the city's fantastic sights and amenities. Here are some of the best areas to live in Vancouver.


  • West Point Grey. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, West Point Grey is close to fantastic beaches, charming shops and a summer Point Grey Fiesta.

  • Kitsilano. With a bohemian vibe and plenty of yoga studios, trendy cafes and health food shops, Kitsilano is a prime place for those who want to relocate to Vancouver's downtown area.

  • Vancouver's West End. This area is perfect for those who will be working in central Vancouver with a short commute and a range of housing options. Just be wary that this close proximity to the centre may cause higher housing costs.

  • Mount Pleasant. Great for families, 60% of the area is younger than 40 with a number of good schools within the area as well as fantastic transport options.

  • South Granville. Known as a foodie paradise, the upscale shops and boutiques of this area are renowned, making it a great place for young professionals just a short distance from downtown Vancouver.


Working in Vancouver

If you are moving to Vancouver to work, you'll find a thriving job market with Vancouver currently experiencing some of its lowest unemployment rates ever, making it the perfect time to move to Vancouver for work. 


Some of the most sought-after jobs in Vancouver include those in the data and technology industries, engineers, nurses and the financial sector whilst a number of tourism and sales roles are available in the city centre. Competition for jobs in Vancouver can be fierce with some roles in high demand.


Incredible nature in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to some incredible natural sights just a short distance from the city's centre. From beaches, trails, botanical gardens and more at the famous Stanley Park to the 17.5-mile pathway of the Seawall that winds around some of the area's best beaches. There is a natural sight to suit anyone and plenty of ways to discover them.


For the more daring of those moving to Vancouver, the Capilano Suspension Bridge offers a jaw-dropping walk high above the rainforest with spectacular views to enjoy. The area is also home to a wide selection of wildlife. From orcas, humpback whales and dolphins to grizzly bears, bald eagles and great blue herons. 


Top 10 Things to Do in Vancouver

If you are planning your move to Vancouver you will find plenty of things to keep you occupied, here are some of our favourites.


  1. Visit the 1,000 acre Stanley Park with its centuries-old cedars and ample wildlife.

  2. Take in the views on the Sea to Sky Gondola

  3. Reach new heights as you walk along the Sky Pilot Suspension bridge

  4. Visit the fantastic Vancouver Aquarium

  5. Go whale-watching and see these magnificent creatures up-close

  6. Find your zen at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

  7. Grab some delicious food from the Richmond Night Market

  8. Check out the annual Vancouver Polar Bear Swim at English Bay Beach

  9. Discover something new at Pacific Arts Market

  10. Go for a hike, zipline, snowshoeing or ice skating among much more at Grouse Mountain.


If you are looking to move to Vancouver, choose a removals specialist with years of experience. We help thousands of people move to Vancouver every year from across the world. With full-service packing and removals to Vancouver, we make moving hassle-free. Why not get in touch for a free quote now or call us on 1.866.880.8681 to discuss your move to Toronto. Click here to find out more about our moving to Vancouver services.


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