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Why do I need a shuttle service for my move?

By Quality Move Management Inc / April 10, 2018

Maybe this is not your first move, and you are well versed in all aspects of moving. You know exactly how the entire process works and you have contacted your trusted movers. However, this time your movers tell you that they will have to use a shuttle service, a 16-foot box truck, to carry your belongings to the warehouse before the actual move. Let us help you understand why you may need a shuttle service for your move.

Reputable moving companies maintain a large fleet of moving trucks to provide reliable moving services.  Because every move is unique, your move consultant will plan your move based on your circumstances. Depending on the size of the shipment, your move consultant will determine what kind of truck you’ll need to safely ship your belongings.



For instance, you will need a tractor-trailer for a cross-border move, but if your streets have tight corners, the vehicle’s maneuverability will be restricted. In addition, some neighbourhoods and apartment complexes do not allow such vehicles on the premises, or maybe there is not enough parking space. In this case, your driver will load your belongings in a shuttle truck and carry them to the waiting full-size tractor-trailer at the warehouse. Shuttles add to your moving cost because this option is like adding a local move on top of your cross-border move. Your mover will try to avoid this cost as much as possible, but sometimes you may need a shuttle service to carry out your move safely and efficiently. Check with your move consultant if you think you may need a shuttle service to haul your belongings.

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