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Why do People Move to Scarborough Ontario?

By Quality Move Management Inc / July 14, 2023

Known for its rich cultural diversity and vibrant communities, Scarborough Ontario offers a unique living experience that welcomes people from all walks of life. Located around 25km east of Toronto and just a 30-minute drive from Downtown Toronto, Scarborough maintains a suburban charm whilst benefiting from its proximity to the big city. If you’re interested in moving to the GTA and need help with choosing the right location, we’ve listed some of the reasons why some people decide to move to Scarborough.


What is Living in Scarborough Like?

Scarborough offers a high quality of life with a wide range of amenities. From shopping malls and restaurants offering cuisine from around the world to stunning national parks and green spaces, living in Scarborough provides plenty of opportunities for leisure activities as well as everything you would expect from a developed urban area. Scarborough has a strong sense of community with many local events and festivals like the Highland Creek Heritage Festival, the  Annual Scarborough (Toronto) Community Multicultural Festival and the Scarborough Afro-Carib Fest which celebrate the diversity of the local area. With a population of over 625,000 inhabitants, Scarborough isn’t as densely populated as some other locations in the GTA thanks to the abundance of green spaces, parks and scenic landscapes. Scarborough is also well located close to one of the busiest highways in Canada, Highway 401 and the convenient Don Valley Parkway which make the suburb easily accessible. The TTC also operates in Scarborough making it easy to access other areas within the GTA.


Diverse Neighbourhoods 

Scarborough is an inclusive suburb with many welcoming neighbourhoods, each with distinct characteristics. Scarborough is known for its cultural diversity and multicultural communities with over 50% of its population being born outside of Canada. Neighbourhoods in Scarborough have residents originating from China, The Philippines, India and Sri Lanka to name a few making the district an easy place for immigrants to settle and call home. As well as a diverse population, neighbourhoods in Scarborough also boast diverse housing options with a wide range of property types to choose from. Whether you prefer living in an apartment, townhouse, condo or a detached two-storey house, you’ll find something to suit your taste and budget in Scarborough. You’ll find housing options that are affordable when compared to other places in the GTA like Richmond Hill or Downtown Toronto. This means your property budget can go further in Scarborough. 

If you’re interested in being close to green spaces and want good access to transit and major roadway, the neighbourhood of L’Amoreaux might be right for you. While if you prefer a family-friendly neighbourhood with great amenities on your doorstep, you may enjoy living in West Rouge. If living amidst the backdrop of the stunning Scarborough Bluff and Lake Ontario sounds good to you, then you’ll love living in the community of Birch Cliff Heights. Some other popular places to live in and around Scarborough include:


  • Armadale

  • Clairlea

  • Dorset Park

  • Eglinton East

  • Golden Mile

  • Morningside

  • Scarborough City Centre


A Good Choice of Elementary and High Schools

If you’re planning on moving to Scarborough with children, you’ll find a range of good schools in the local vicinity which may influence where you decide to live. There are numerous reputable elementary schools in Scarborough, as well as traditional, private and Montessori preschools for younger children. High schools in Scarborough offer a choice of public and private education as well as religious schools and schools offering vocational subjects. For those seeking post-secondary education, Scarborough is home to the University of Toronto Scarborough and Centennial College as well as facilities for adult education like the Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies. Students who move to the district will enjoy becoming a part of a vibrant and inclusive student community. 


A Choice of Jobs 

When it comes to finding jobs in Scarborough, newcomers will find that the district offers a range of employment opportunities across various sectors. Once known as a farming community, Scarborough’s main job sector is based in accommodation and food services with many residents working in the healthcare sector. The area also offers job opportunities in manufacturing, retail, business administration and support services as well as the education sector and arts and entertainment. The areas around Scarborough also provide opportunities for employment thanks to the TTC connecting the district to other parts of Toronto. The well-connected public transit system and the proximity to the core of Downtown Toronto make moving to Scarborough attractive to commuters who work or study in the city. 


Lots of Things To Do In Scarborough

A move to Scarborough promises a wide variety of activities and attractions to explore. Nature enthusiasts will love living near the breathtaking Scarborough Bluffs and having plenty of options for hiking, biking, and exploring the many parks and scenic trails. With a water park and 2 swimmable beaches, summers in Scarborough are never dull. Some of the popular attractions in Scarborough include:

  • Toronto Zoo

  • Rosetta McClain Gardens

  • Rouge National Urban Park

  • Guild Park and Gardens 

  • Bluffer’s Park Marina

  • Scarborough Museum

  • Kidstown Water Park

  • East Point Park


Reliable Scarborough Movers from QMM

If you’d like to join the many people who are moving to Scarborough, QMM is here to simplify your relocation. We offer a range of professional moving services including local storage options to make your move to Scarborough easier. If you’d like more information or you want to arrange a quote, our Scarborough movers are here to help. Contact us today to start the process of planning your household move.


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