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Why Is British Columbia a Good Place to Raise a Family?

By Quality Move Management Inc / January 31, 2024

British Columbia, often referred to as BC, is a province of unparalleled natural beauty with a thriving economy, making it a fantastic place to raise a family. From stunning landscapes to the world-class education system, relocating to British Columbia offers a unique combination of factors that create an ideal environment for families. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various reasons why British Columbia is a wonderful place to call home, especially for those looking to provide their children with the best possible upbringing. We will take a look at some of the best places to live in British Columbia for families as well as where to find top-rated schools in BC  and what makes relocating to British Columbia such a good idea.

Affordable Options for Childcare in BC

British Columbia offers various government programs that support families. Initiatives such as the Childcare Fee Reduction Program make childcare more affordable for families in BC. The initiative offers funding to licensed childcare providers to reduce and stabilise the cost of childcare. Initiatives like these are designed to ease the burden on parents and ensure they can provide the best possible environment for their children. 


Family-Oriented Government Support Systems

Families looking to relocate to BC will find that government support programs are an essential component of the family support system. Inclusive childcare support in the form of community-based programs like the Supported Child Development program provides consulting and support services to enable children with support needs to participate fully in childcare programs. The Aboriginal Supported Child Development provides meaningful and culturally sensitive support for First Nations, Metis and Inuit children and families.

When it comes to financial support, BC Family Benefit provides families with children under 18 with a tax-free payment. This payment has been recently increased and an additional supplement has been made available to lower-income, single-parent families.


Safety and Low Crime Rates in BC

When considering the best place to raise a family in British Columbia, you’ll want to find a location that is welcoming to newcomers and has a good reputation. Safety is a paramount concern for parents and BC cities consistently rank among the safest in Canada. The municipality of  Oak Bay has the reputation of being the second least dangerous community in Canada which is great news for newcomers to the area. Low crime rates in places like Kelowna and Nanaimo mean that families can feel secure in their surroundings. The freedom to let your children explore and play in the neighbourhood without constant worry is a precious aspect of family life in BC. Some of the safest places to live in BC include:

  1. Saanich

  2. North Vancouver

  3. Maple Ridge

  4. White Rock

  5. Port Moody


Top Quality Education in BC

For parents, providing a top-notch education for their children is often a high priority. Whether you’re looking for the best high schools in British Columbia or the best elementary schools in BC, you have many establishments to choose from. With 350 independent schools and 1600 public schools, British Columbia excels with a highly respected education system that starts from an early age. BC is home to a network of 60 school districts offering quality public, private and independent schools, as well as prestigious colleges and universities. The city of Surrey has the largest school district serving over 77,000 students. British Columbia has recently redesigned its school curriculum to incorporate a personalised approach to learning which leans away from a “one-size-fits-all” model and is ideal for families looking for a progressive and unique take on education.

When it comes to post-secondary education, BC is the first province in Canada to offer students a globally recognised seal of quality for post-secondary education. Known as the Education Quality Assurance designation, this seal of quality offers consumer protection and demonstrates that an institution meets the required standards set out by the government. Parents of international students will be pleased to know that when you move to BC, students can easily transfer between institutions or courses without having to apply for changes to their permit. 


Where Are the Best Schools in BC?

For many families, finding the best place to live in BC and the location of the best schools often go hand in hand. Some locations that stand out as being home to some of the best schools in BC include:


  • Vancouver - Home of the prestigious University of British Columbia (UBC)

  • Burnaby - This is where you’ll find Simon Fraser University (SFU). There are also campuses in Surrey and Vancouver.

  • Surrey - One of the largest school districts in the province and home to high-achieving schools like Fraser Heights Secondary.

  • West Vancouver - Here you’ll find the independent Mulgrave School - The International School of Vancouver.

Lots of Family Things to Do in BC

Wherever you move to, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding family activities in BC. Access to arts and culture is a significant benefit for families in British Columbia. The province is home to numerous museums, theatres, and cultural events that provide enriching experiences for children. 


Visiting the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, enjoying a performance at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, or exploring the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops can ignite a child's curiosity and creativity.

If you prefer something a bit more energetic, British Columbia has a thriving sports culture with various sports teams, leagues, and recreational opportunities for kids and parents alike. Whether your family enjoys watching a Canucks game in Vancouver or participating in a local soccer league in Kelowna, there are sports and recreational activities suitable for all ages.


Family Friendly BC Movers

Whether you’re looking for things to do in BC with family or you want to know where the best private schools in BC are located, having some insider information about the province can help you with your decision-making. QMM has been helping families relocate to British Columbia for over 25 years and our friendly team is always willing to share what they know about the local area. If moving to BC sounds ideal for you and your family, QMM offers a range of residential moving services to simplify the process. For more information about our BC movers and all of the services we offer from packing to storage, contact us online or call us on 1.866.880.8681.

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