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Why Should You Hire Local Movers?

By Quality Move Management Inc / November 16, 2022

Moving house is often considered one of the most stressful things you can go through. Even a local move can be demanding since it requires much of the careful planning you would apply to a long-distance move. It can be tempting to do it all yourself if you are only moving a short distance away. Still, even if you’re moving from one side of Toronto to another, professional packing and moving services can help make your house move smooth and less stressful.

Plan Ahead With Moving and Storage Companies

Surprises are nice but not on moving day! In order to provide an accurate quote, a good moving company will offer a pre-move survey which will determine what is going to be packed and the best way to transport those items out of the house and into the moving van. The pre-move survey creates a clear plan of what needs to be done on the day of the move and whether additional moving equipment is needed. During the survey is a great time to discuss any additional services you may need like storage and warehousing or bespoke crating for fragile items.


Rely on the Expertise of Professional House Movers

Things always turn out better when we leave it to the experts and moving house is no exception. It’s great to have friends and family who can lend a hand but when it comes to efficiency, nothing beats a professional touch. Reputable local moving companies should be registered members of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and will have years of experience helping individuals and families move their belongings. Moving companies like QMM know the best way to transport all of your household items safely to your new home leaving you free to focus your attention on other aspects of your relocation.



Local Moving Companies Will Do All of the Heavy Lifting

From refrigerators to hot tubs, hiring the help of a moving company means you won't need to worry about how to get heavy or bulky items to your new home. At QMM, our appliance movers use specialised equipment to make sure all large items are moved out of the house undamaged so you don't have to suffer the aches and pains associated with heavy lifting. 


Professional Moving Services Save Time

Moving companies can help you with the aspects of moving house that take up the most time and energy. Packing up several years' worth of household items is a challenge especially if you are trying to squeeze it in between a busy work schedule or caring for loved ones. House moving companies like QMM offer convenient packing services to help save you precious time. Their team of efficient movers and packers will make sure all items are systematically packed into boxes, room by room, and will carefully unpack your belongings when you reach your destination.


Your Items Are Safe With Expert Furniture Movers

Whether you have expensive modern furniture or priceless antique artwork, premium moving companies like QMM offer custom crating services to transport your delicate or oddly shaped items safely. You won’t need to worry about fragile items along the way as custom-made crates combined with expert packing methods ensure your precious cargo arrives at your new home in one piece. Experienced movers and packers also know how to carefully disassemble furniture ready to be packed and reassemble it again at the new property


Get Peace of Mind with Moving Insurance 

As much as we hope for smooth sailing on moving day, unfortunately, things can go wrong when moving house. Hiring the services of a reputable moving and packing company like QMM will give you with peace of mind since we provide free basic liability cover for all customers. Comprehensive valuation protection is also available if necessary. This means you’ll have one less thing to worry about on the big day knowing that you’re covered against any damage or loss occurred in transit.


You Can Depend on Professional House Movers 

When it comes to moving house, getting the help of the people you know may seem like a good idea. Friends and family mean well, but sometimes even the best laid plans go astray and things don’t work out as planned. Hiring a moving company means you can rely on skilled movers and packers who are dedicated to getting the job done efficiently. When you hire professional house movers like QMM, you get a complete service from start to finish. You’ll be assigned a moving agent who will support you from the beginning and even after you have arrived at your new location. The trained house movers will make sure your belongings are moved out of the house and loaded into the van appropriately to avoid damage and will coordinate the logistics of the trip. When you hire movers, you can concentrate on family or pets or any other aspects that need your attention, while you let the house moving company take care of getting you to your new home safely. 


Expert Local Moves With QMM

If you’re ready to take the stress out of moving day, take advantage of our premium moving services and contact the experts at QMM who will be happy to answer your queries and provide you with a quote. Call us today on 1-866-880-8681.

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